Six Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Whether you’re a Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or both, one of the biggest reasons that Internet Marketing can be so profitable is because your tapping into the unlimited potential of the world wide web.  You’re no longer limited to your area and your small circle of contacts to promote your product, service or opportunity.  You’re also leveraging the fact that on any given moment, there are thousands, and even tens of thousands depending on your niche, that are already searching online looking for the very same product, service or opportunity you offer.  Better yet, on most occasions, they’re already ready to buy.
In saying that, simply putting up a website that talks about your product, service or opportunity is not enough.  The most important aspect of succeeding online is traffic to your website.  In my opinion, having a blueprint and gameplan for generating traffic is just as, if not more, important than the website itself.  Think about it, having a great product and great website with no traffic is like you having the most amazing store on the planet and selling the most amazing product on the planet… but having your store in the middle of the desert.  Who’s going to see your store and your product when no one knows you exist?
Here are some great ways to drive traffic to your website:
1.  Pay for traffic using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising:  You can do this through Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture or Bing.  Google and Yahoo are the two biggest search engines on the internet and draw an enourmous amount of traffic.  PPC allows you to place your ads in front of people that are looking for you because you actually pick the keywords/phrases and niches you want your ads to be placed.  This results in highly targeted traffic to your website.  Just make sure you know what you’re doing, or consult with someone who knows what they’re doing as PPC can get expensive if you do it wrong.  Also, although this method is the absolute fastest way to get traffic, it’s only available to you if you have a budget to work with.  If you don’t, then PPC is not for you.
2.  Use link exchanges and trade links with online shops and other websites.  Link exchanges are when two websites agree to place links to each other’s websites, creating a beneficial relationship as traffic can cross from one website to the other.  Link exchanges are also free which means you can trade links with as many websites as you want.
3.  Viral marketing is another way of driving targeted traffic to your website.  Videos, articles, blogs and other mediums on the web can spread your content quickly all over the web, resulting in many links leading back to your website all over the place.  Depending on how creative you are, viral marketing can be a cost effective way to market your website.
4.  Use SEO to get high ranking on search engines.  The higher your website ranks on search engines, the more traffic you’ll get which means more sales of your product.  Make sure your website is optimized for search engines by doing market research on the right keywords and key phrases to use for your website and web pages.  A simple way to make your website attractive to search engines is to have a good quantity of quality information on your website.  Also, search engines will rank you higher if your key word or key phrase was placed in your titles, in the actual content of your website and even your domain name if you can.  Keep in mind, it takes some time for you to get ranked organically so be patient.  Once you’re there it will be well worth it because of the magnitude of traffic you’ll receive.
5.  Writing articles and press releases to spread awareness and increase interest in your website is also a very effective, and free, method of increasing web traffic to your website.  Also, article directories, like, and press release directories, like, are very search engine friendly. On top of that, you have the opportunity to brand yourself as a leader by showing your expertise and knowledge on whatever subject you’re writing about.
6.  Create a quality newsletter and make available for free.  Newsletters are a great way of increasing awareness in your website, product or opportunity.  As long as it is full of quality content, people will subscribe to your newsletter and spread the word about your website, product and most of all, YOU.
In closing, learning effective methods of driving traffic to your website is by far the most important factor in your success online.  Plan on investing a good amount of time in traffic generation and you can be on your way to tremendous success on the internet.
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