Driving Free Traffic To Your Website With Forums And Articles

By:Jaime Soriano April 3, 2010


If you’re new to marketing on the Internet, you’re probably wondering how to increase web traffic to your website.  You may also be wondering what methods are effective so you can make the best use of your time.  While there are many effective methods of marketing online, there are two methods that have been around for a long time that is still used today by many top Internet Marketers.

These two methods are Forum Marketing and Article Marketing.  The biggest reason why these methods are still around is simple… They work!  You have to be prepared to invest your time into participating on forums and writing quality articles, but if you’re interested in driving free targeted traffic to your website, it will be well worth your time.

First, let’s briefly discuss what Forum Marketing is… or rather, what it isn’t.  Forum Marketing does not mean posting ads all over discussion forums and soliciting other members of the forum.  It’s not about spamming or shoving your business or products down people’s throats.  Doing this will probably get you banned from the forum website, or at the very least, hurt your credibility in a big time way.
The proper way to market on a forum actually doesn’t even feel like marketing (in the traditional sense).  You simply have to be an active and valuable member of the forum.  In other words, you just need to participate in discussion threads and provide content, tips and help whenever you can.  By doing this, you’ll be able to build a solid reputation with other members.  And sure enough, people will seek you out and will check out your website.
How will they check out your website?  By clicking through a link that you’ll have in your signature (which is seen on every single one of your posts on the discussion thread) or by checking out your profile where they can find your link as well.  Keep in mind that this traffic is targeted because the vast majority of people clicking your link to your website have read your other posts and have sought you out.  Over time, assuming you invest 30-45 minutes a day posting 3 or 4 times on 1 or 2 forum websites, this targeted traffic can start snowballing in a short period of time.
Now let’s discuss Article Marketing.  Like Forum Marketing, this form of traffic is highly targeted as well.  This is because the people that go to your website via a link or hyperlink in your article, have actually read some of your content.  More than likely, they’ve agreed with your content and have clicked through your link to get more information about you and/or your business.  Writing and publishing articles does take time but you can actually outsource your writing if you want to.  Also, you have to be aware of keywords and optimization with Article Marketing.  And don’t forget the #1 rule in Article Marketing (or any form of marketing for that matter), providing content and value is the key to attracting quality traffic.
In closing, if you’re interested in getting high-quality free traffic to your website, or wondering how to increase web traffic, you can’t go wrong with these two proven methods of marketing.
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