You’ll Always Win When You Stick To The Basics (Just Follow the System)

By:Jaime Soriano January 5, 2011


Taprooting At Home Presentations

Taprooting At Home Presentations

Building a network marketing business isn’t really that complicated. Of course, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is pretty simple. As long as you stick to time-tested basics, you will win.

What are some time-tested basics?

The most basic and fundamental concept in network marketing is approaching your warm and cushy market. With that said, you also need to understand that building a business is so simple when your helping your new distributor’s approach their warm and cushy market.

What do most new people do?

It always  makes me laugh inside when I sponsor a new and excited person and when I start talking to them about their warm and cushy market, without skipping beat, they start telling me about the “superstar marketer” they talked to once-upon-a-time, or the “millionaire real estate mogul” that their brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s neighbor knows. I always have to explain to them that, while these are obviously high caliber people that we will talk to eventually, they are NOT in their warm and cushy market. As a rule of thumb, if we have to go through some elaborate and complicated process to approach someone, they are NOT in their warm and cushy market.

People in their warm and cushy market are people who would come out in the middle of the night to help them fix a flat tire… Or, people who would carry their casket at their funeral. In other words, they are people who would do anything for them, no questions asked, simply because there is a strong relationship that exists between them.

These are the people they need to approach in their first 24 hours… Not the “superstar marketer” who probably doesn’t even know them or remembers meeting them.

What do the pros do?

While amateurs are trying to land the big fish or trying to hit the ball out of the park by trying to land these “superstar marketers”, professionals simply do the basics and taproot and talk to their new distributor’s hot and cushy market.

While amateurs are wasting days and weeks just trying to get an opportunity to talk to these “big wigs”, professionals are talking to hot and cushy prospects (either at home presentations, webinars, conference calls, coffee appointments, etc) that their new distributor’s are putting in front of them, and signing new people up left and right.

By the time amateurs have actually talked to these “big wigs” and have gotten turned down because there was no edification and relationship that existed between them and the “big wig”, professionals have spent that time signing up 100+ new, fresh and excited distributors on their team.

Here’s a short video to elaborate on what I mean:

Of course, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t RECRUIT UP or approach successful people. You should… as your business will grow significantly faster. However, they need to be in your warm market or your new distributor’s warm market. They can’t be someone that you need to jump over a ton of hoops to talk to.

Just follow the basics and stay in a warm market (either yours, your new distributor’s, or both) and you’ll build a business.

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