Two Surefire Methods To Increase Free Traffic To Your Website

By:Jaime Soriano April 3, 2010


Welcome!  It’s been a few days since my last post.  I’ve been pretty busy with a new project.  I have some new niches that I’ve been testing with Google Adwords and I’ve been preparing some landing pages that I’ll be launching in a few days.  As soon as I’m done testing them and it makes commercial sense to move forward, I’ll write a post or make a video on what they are and what I’m doing.  But that’s for another post…

The purpose of today’s post is discuss what you actually do after you’ve set up your blog, landing page, or whatever you’re trying to drive traffic to…and that’s to drive a ton of targeted traffic.  And once you’ve got a consistant flow of traffic, how to increase web traffic until you can’t stop it even if you tried… That would be a good problem, wouldn’t it?
Here are two surefire methods to get the traffic going to your website or blog:
#1 – Start Networking On Social Media Sites.
This method takes a little time but believe me the time you put in is worth it.  Build your presence on Twitter by participating in conversations and giving out content whenever you can.  Put some time into building a network on Facebook.  You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  This will allow you to manage your accounts in an efficient manor and also increase your network as friends from Facebook can start following you on Twitter, and people following you on Twitter can connect with you on Facebook.  You can also get involved with Digg and StumbleUpon.  Keep in mind, your goal is not to spam people or shove your business or product down people’s throats. Provide value often and freely and you’ll soon build a solid reputation that will play a big part in people wanting to find out more about you.

#2 – Post Videos Everywhere.
Creating videos are free, fun and most of all effective.  Videos also allow people to really relate to you since they can hear the tonality in your voice and see every expression on your face.  It gives you a platform where you can literally talk to your audience.  You can also leverage your efforts by using to post your video to multiple video sites to further increase your video’s exposure.  You can also optimize your videos as you would an article post.  Some quick ways to do this are:
– Use your keyword in your video title (twice if you can)
– Put your URL at the beginning of your video description
– Use your keyword in your video description (at least 3 times within the first 20-25 words)
– Use tags that would position your video in front of the audience you’re targeting
– Ask people to comment and rate your videos (this helps it get ranked on Google)
– Submit your video URL to Traffic Bug ( to get bookmarked
– Post a tweet on Twitter with your video’s URL
– For additional exposure, embed your video on other content you have on the Internet like Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, other Micro-blogs you have, etc.
There are a ton of advanced optimization tactics… But that will have to wait for another post since it would take some time to explain.
Keep in mind, driving traffic has to be a priority if you plan on making money online.  And once you get some traffic, you’re focus has to be on how to increase web traffic.  My suggestion is to focus on learning and mastering 2 methods at a time (or 3 if you can handle it and still be effective).  Ultimately, you’ll want traffic coming from as many methods possible.
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