The Top 6 Problems Network Marketers Face And How To Solve Them

The Network Marketing industry is an incredible industry that has created a plethora of documented millionaires. There’s no other industry that gives the average person an opportunity to go into business for themselves while leveraging existing systems and support developed by their company’s corporate team and upline team leaders. With that said, it’s also been documented that over 90% of people who innocently get involved in network marketing fail to achieve their goals.

Why is that? Here are 6 problems that network marketers face and how to solve them:

Problem #1: Lack Of Quality Leads – Talking to anyone that’s within 3-feet of you and trying to convince your warm market (friends and family) to join your business is not enough. For some marketers, it may prove to be totally ineffective. Developing systems to ATTRACT those who are ALREADY looking for network marketing opportunities, or your service, is the best solution to this problem.

Problem #2: Lack Of Money – The reality is 9 out of 10 people that you expose to your network marketing opportunity won’t be interested… And that’s OK. But by monetizing the “NOs” you get through the sales of funded proposals and affiliate products, you can build a cashflow early on to offset any business expenses you may have.

Problem #3: Lack Of Marketing Training – According to Mike Dillard, “Network marketing is an industry full of people that know nothing about marketing.” Prospecting is not marketing. Using web 2.0 tactics to attract your target audience is the best way to truly leverage your marketing efforts.

Problem #4: Lack Of Duplication – Speaking from over a decade of experience, only 1 out of 10 people truly possess the personality and mental toughness to face rejection on a DAILY basis. By only teaching methods that require people to go out and “3-Foot” people (ex. talking to anyone within 3 feet of them), you’re positioning yourself to fail 9 out of 10 times! That’s why you need to implement and teach marketing strategies that eliminate personalities and works for the masses.

Problem #5: Lack Of Stick-ability – Most people that enter network marketing quit within their first 90 days. This is mostly because of either getting rejected by people they respect from their warm market and/or not making money immediately. Both of these reasons can crush a new rep’s excitement but can be solved by attracting those that are ALREADY looking for an opportunity and the use of the funded proposal, as mentioned earlier.

Problem #6: Get Rich Quick Mentality – Are you looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or a real business that you can build, own and pass on to your kids one day? Building a business takes time. You won’t get rich overnight… But you can get filthy rich in 3 to 5 years, assuming you are putting in your best efforts, setting goals, working a sound business plan and getting coached by someone that’s where you want to be. Getting rid of this mentality will enable you to have sticking power on your way to your goals.

By implementing the solutions to the above problems, you can shave off months (or years) of time, frustration and money off your “success curve”.

Jaime Soriano

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