The Top 3 Free Marketing Methods For Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website

By:Jaime Soriano April 4, 2010


So you’re excited about getting started online!  You’ve selected a company or product to promote and you’ve set up your website or blog, lead capture page and autoresponder system.  Now what?  Now you have to start driving traffic to your website so you can expose people to what you have to offer.  But you don’t have a marketing budget to get involved with postcards, Pay-Per-Click ads or other paid forms of traffic.  This article is about how to increase web traffic to your website if you’re starting out on a shoestring budget and need to drive traffic to your website using free Web 2.0 methods.

Now before I go into the three free marketing methods that you can use to drive quality targeted traffic to your website, I want to give you some expectations so you have a feel for what will most likely happen when you market a certain way.

There are many different ways you can drive traffic to your website but they will all fall under one of two categories.  There is free traffic and paid traffic.  Each of these methods provide a different set of “advantages” and “disadvantages”.  In a nutshell, free traffic’s obvious advantage is that it is free which means you don’t have to come out-of-pocket for them or have to eat into your sales commissions to pay for them.  The disadvantage is that it will take some time for you to get a significant amount of traffic going to your website for you to start generating a reliable and stable income.  Of course, you can influence this by working harder and investing more time into your business until traffic starts coming to your website.  The advantage of paid traffic, in a nutshell, is that you’ll get “instant” traffic to your website.  The disadvantage is you’ll have to come out-of-pocket to buy this traffic and that may be a luxury you don’t have at this point.  The ideal strategy would be to implement both forms of traffic… but that is for another post.  As stated earlier, the purpose of this post is to share three free marketing methods that work quite well even if you’re brand-new to marketing or the Internet.

The first method is Article Marketing.  Writing and publishing simple articles will do two things that are very important for you as a marketer (especially if you are a new marketer).  For one, readers will have the opportunity to click through to your website via a hyperlink in your article or a link you place in your resource box or signature.  But Article Marketing can also brand you as an expert in your niche.  You can showcase your knowledge and expertise by providing good quality content on your selected niche.  This will also help with conversion.  Keep in mind, that if a reader clicks your link, chances are they agree with your article or got value from it.

The second method is Social Media Marketing.  Social websites like Facebook and Twitter are great places to network.   The basic strategy is to actively participate in the social community by providing content and just making friends.  If people resonate and relate with you, they will initiate contact with you by leaving you a message or clicking through a link you may have in your profile.  In this form of marketing, you actually allow people to find and connect with you.  This takes time but rest assured it does work and the traffic is targeted.  The thing you absolutely do not want to do is spam people shove your product or business down their throat.  Doing this will destroy your credibility and give people the wrong impression of you and/or your business.  In a future post, I will go into Facebook etiquette…

The third method is Video Marketing.  This method has some of the same benefits of Article Marketing.  You can drive targeted traffic to your website and brand yourself by providing content but with video it is more powerful.  People can not only see the expressions on your face but they can also hear the tonality in your voice.  Remember, pictures paint a thousand words but videos can paint a million!
In closing, although there are many methods you can find online on how to increase web traffic, but I would recommend focusing on these three methods until you get some traffic.  Once you get a decent flow of traffic from these methods, you can add other methods later.
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