Team Training – We’re OFFICIALLY In Pre-Launch (Personal Message To The Team)

By:Jaime Soriano January 16, 2011


Now Is The Time To Upgrade!!!

Now Is The Time To Upgrade!!!

After a little over two months of an unprecedented Free-Launch…

Our company started our official Pre-Launch yesterday (January 15th, 2011). Now is when we will really start to pick up traction and get into MOMENTUM.

The Free Launch Is Over – Is It Too Late?

Unequivocally… The answer is NO! How can you be too late when we’re only 2 days into our pre-launch and our official launch isn’t until 5 months from now? Understand that the TIMING could not be better and you are in the company at the BEST time possible.

“But Jaime, How Do You Know That Bellamora Will Be The “Next” Big Network Marketing Company?”

This is an example of some of the questions I get from people looking into the company. Some other questions include:

“Will Bellamora become a BILLION DOLLAR company?”

“Will the company pay out a BILLION DOLLARS in commissions faster than any other company in history like Ed Ayala says?”

“Will Bellamora become the “next” Mary Kay, Monavie, Primerica, etc?”

“Will Bellamora open up 100’s of countries down the road?”

Here’s my NO-HYPE, NO-FLUFF answer to these questions and other questions like these…

While I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, I can certainly look at history to get an idea of what CAN happen, and look at the leadership team’s track record to see what CAN potentially happen.

And, while I obviously can’t guarantee anything, the question I ask back to the people asking me these questions is…

“What If…”

“What if… we become a BILLION DOLLAR a year company?”

“What if… the company pays out a BILLION DOLLARS faster than any other company in history?”

“What if… Bellamora becomes the ‘Monavie of skin care’?” (someone said that and I get a chuckle out of that term…)

“What if… Bellamora opens up 100s of countries down the road?”

“What if…” we become what we say we’re going to become… And you MISS IT?

Is That Something You’d Be OK With?

If the answer is YES, that’s fine…

But if you’re sick and tired of saying you shoulda, woulda, coulda, and you don’t want to look back 5 years from now and tell yourself, “If only I went after it, I wonder…”

Then you need to UPGRADE now! Preferably at the Founders Club level so you get all the perks and benefits (ex. 1,000 free leads, preferred seating at all events, advanced to Silver Rank, etc).

Here’s a NO-HYPE, NO-FLUFF, HEART-TO-HEART talk from me to you:

Remember, you have until Wednesday (January 19th, 2011) to upgrade your position or you’ll get purged out of the system and your spot will get compressed out of the binary.

How Do You Upgrade?

Log into your backoffice and you’ll get directed to the sign-up page. Fill out the online application and you’re good to go!

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call so I can help clarify anything you might not be clear about. Remember, time is of the essence, as we only have 3 more days in the upgrade period! Let’s talk soon!

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