Team Training – Catapult Your Business Into Momentum By Leveraging The Founders Tour Events

By:Jaime Soriano January 5, 2011


Big Events Are Critical To Your Success

Big Events Are Critical To Your Success

Over the last 13+ years that I’ve been full-time in this industry, there are a few time-proven staples that are constant. And, one of the most important constants when it comes to building a strong and productive organization, is PROMOTING and GETTING TO events.

Events are absolutely critical to your success. They sell the vision to your distributors, solidify your core leadership team and catapult your organization into production momentum!

The Founders Tour Events have started today and it’s critical to your success to leverage these powerful events to jump-start your team and explode into the pre-launch.

There are three “types” of people you need to get to the upcoming events:

1. Yourself – Understand, YOU are the most important person on your team. YOU are the leader! Even if you have no one in your group yet, YOU are still the leader… You are leading yourself and you will be leading others in the near future.

2. Your Key Leaders – It’s important to get your key team leaders and personally sponsored leaders out to the events as well. Your leaders will potentially start running on their own and when you have independent leader, your life does get easier. It sounds fundamental and basic, but it still needs to be mentioned because sometime people forget. Just remember, the more leaders you have out to these events, the more people who will run with you, the more production will be, and the bigger your checks will be.

3. Anyone That’s Sitting On The Fence – If you have distributors on the fence about activating their position, then you DEFINITELY want them to come out for these events. These events will get them off the fence.

Of course, you want to get your leaders to understand these groups so they get their leaders out and get the people they have on the fence out.

Here’s a short video on the Founders Tour Events:

Here’s the link to get Free VIP registration to the events, Register Now!

Make sure you pay attention to the recognition you can get for bringing personal guests out to these events!

This is YOUR year…

And it STARTS over the next few days by getting your butt to the tour events :)

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