Team Training – Basic Placement & The Spillover Myth

By:Jaime Soriano January 1, 2011


Binary Compensation Plan

Binary Compensation Plan

This is a team-specific training video on Distributor Placement…

If you want to maximize your Opportunity, it’s important that you build your Pay Leg. And, part of building out your Pay Leg is knowing how to place the distributors that you personally sponsor.

Here’s a video on how to control the Placement process when you are enrolling personally sponsored distributors…

Understand, that I will teach you how to maximize this compensation plan so trust me when I tell you that it is in your BEST interest to build out your Pay Leg.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to what’s going on in your Power Leg but the KEY to maximizing the income opportunity is to build out and balance your legs. Now, while you may never be able to balance your legs out because there is a ton of spillover coming in from your upline, it still is in your best interest to build out your Pay Leg.

You can have 1,000,000 distributors spill-over into your Power Leg, but if you don’t have anyone in your Pay Leg, that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to your bank account.

On the same token, you can have MUCH LESS people in your Power Leg, but if your Pay Leg is in momentum, you will OUTEARN people that have more people in their Power Leg than you, but have no one in their Pay Leg.

Here’s an example to elaborate on what I mean…

Let’s take two leaders in the company:

– One of them has 30,000 people in their spillover/Power Leg and and 1,000 people in their Pay Leg

– The other one has 5,000 people in their Power Leg and 5,000 people in their Pay Leg.

Which one do you think will make more money?

The first one who has 31,000 people and the second one who has 10,000 people…

Well, let’s calculate their binary income (assuming that distributors get on $120 monthly autoship)…

-The first leader who has 1,000 people in the Pay Leg would make: 1,000 people X $120 autoship = $120,000 Volume X 10% = $12,000 a month in binary income (just from autoship)

-The second leader who has 5,000 people in the Pay Leg would make:

5,000 people X $120 autoship = $600,000 Volume X 10% = $60,000 a month in binary income (just from autoship)

So, the leader with 30,000 people in spillover but 1,000 people in their Pay Leg would make $12,000 a month…

And, the leader with 10,000 people with 5,000 people in the Power Leg and 5,000 in their Pay Leg would make $60,000 a month…

What should this tell you?

Don’t get caught up in the “My team is “bigger” than yours…” crap that you might hear or the “I’ll get more spillover from this team…” BS…

9 out of 10 times, the people who buy into this crap are people who want something-for-nothing, or think they can get a “free lunch” by someone building their business for them. This “free lunch” mentality is what causes so many people to FAIL!

At the end of the day, YOU have to get to work and build your Pay Leg!

Yes, having spillover from your upline helps because you DON’T have to build out BOTH your legs… BUT make no mistake about it, YOU have to build out AT LEAST one of them.

Team, stay tuned for more Training Videos where I cover how to Maximize the compensation plan. In the meantime, keep sponsoring and enrolling people… We ONLY have 12 days left before we pre-launch!

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