Team Training – With Less Than 7 Days Left In The FREE Launch, Is It Too Late For You?

By:Jaime Soriano January 7, 2011


Bellamora International Group

Bellamora International Group

So we’re less than 7 days away from our official pre-launch event, and distributors are going crazy enrolling people left and right…

With that said, I want to address a question I’ve been getting a lot lately. It’s a legitimate concern that people, distributors and prospects alike, have as we wrap up the free launch and start the pre-launch.

Tons of people have been asking me…

Is It Too Late For Me Because I Haven’t Gotten Off To A Fast Start Or I Just Got Enrolled And The Free Launch Is Ending?

While there are obvious reasons why taking advantage of the last 7 days of this FREE launch just make sense (like free samples, positioning, momentum, etc.), it’s NOT too late for you to capitalize on this opportunity.

Here’s what you need to understand…

Most MLM companies go through a pre-launch… and then they officially launch after a couple of  months (typically, after getting some early leaders in and working out minor kinks and glitches).

We are in our FREE-launch… We’re only going to start our pre-launch on the 15th (where I believe the REAL momentum will happen since BIG commissions will start getting cut and MLM professionals will really start to take notice). Then we’ll officially launch later this year.

So, our vehicle is still “parked in the garage”. On the 15th, we’ll open the garage door and then start moving.

What I’m trying to say is…


So don’t get discouraged if you just enrolled or you’re just getting up and running. As long as you upgrade your position on the 15th, you will have an awesome chance here and TIMING will still be on your side!

Here’s a short video to elaborate on what I mean:

Make sure you take advantage of the Tour Events happening right now and the Founders Club and it’s any benefits!

Want to see what the Co-founders have to say about the events happening all across the country and the Founders Club?

Click here to hear from Ed, Brian & Allison from the Sacramento event!

Lastly, our exclusive TEAM SUPPORT WEBSITE is under construction. On it, we’ll have training materials, training videos, team documents, PBR/Conference Call/Webinar schedule, team recognition and a host of other things that you’ll be able to use to build your business.

This will be EXCLUSIVE to our team and is OUTSIDE of the company’s websites. Trust me, we will do everything to give you (our team mates) the best chance of succeeding in this awesome company!

I want to challenge you to stay focused over the next 7 days and enroll your best prospects. This will ensure that you are positioned to get into momentum as we pre-launch! Let’s Go BIG!

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