Team Training – 4 Closing Questions That Will Help You Sponsor More People

By:Jaime Soriano January 21, 2011


Sponsoring Tips

Sponsoring Tips

If you’re wondering what to do or say AFTER you’ve shared the opportunity with someone, I have a super-simple, but effective, system you can use that will help you sponsor more people into your business. In fact, it’s not really a system per se… but four simple questions you can ask someone after they see a presentation.

Keep in mind…

Now, as effective as these questions are, they will NOT work for you if you are not talking to a significant amount of people. In other words, you can have all the verbage right, but if you’re only approaching and talking to 1 person a week, you will still not sponsor people.

At the same time, I’m a big believer that even if you slopped it up and screwed up all the words, BUT you were talking to A LOT of people, you would still have tremendous results because you’d find people who would join simply because you’re sorting through lots of people.

However, if you’re “going through the numbers” AND you had some good verbage that will help you sponsor more people… then you’d become a Sponsoring Machine.

Now, let’s take it one step further…

What if you had 10 people that you duplicated that were all “going through the numbers” AND knew what to say to someone after a presentation that will close them into the business? Now, you’d start to multiply faster…

Click PLAY to hear me rant about these four questions…

For those of you that want to write the questions down, you can copy them here…


You: “Based on everything you’ve seen, if you were to start part-time, how much income would you need to earn per month to make this business worth your time?”

Prospect: “I’d need at least $1,000 a month.”


You: “How many hours per week could you realistically give the business to make that income?”

Prospect: “I could put in 10-15 hours a week.”


You: “How many months would you be willing to give the business to reach that income level?”

Prospect: “I’d be willing to give it 6 months…”


You: “If I could show you how to develop a $1,000 monthly income working about 10 hours a week for 6 months, would there be anything else you would need to know before you join the team?”

Prospect: “If you could show me that, I’d be ready…”

You: “Great! Let’s get you your ID#, and then we’ll put together a game plan so you can do just that… What address do you want your checks sent to…”


You: “Great! If we worked together and you personally sponsored 1 person a week at the Ultimate Pack, you’d make $1,000 a month… Let’s get you in the system so we can… One, make your initial start-up back… And two, get you in a position where you’ll be making $1,000 a month. What address do you want your checks sent to?”

In closing…

These four questions are effective and they work. Practice them! The more you use them, the more comfortable you will feel when using them. And the more people you get using them, the faster you’ll be able to get into MOMENTUM!

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