Team Training – 3 Steps To MOMENTUM

By:Jaime Soriano January 20, 2011


Home Presentations Are The Key

Home Presentations Are The Key

So you’re out of the Free Launch, and you’re wondering what to do next with your team (or yourself if you’re just getting started)…

Well, there are THREE simple, but powerful, steps you need to follow to get your business off to a FAST START… and get into MOMENTUM FAST!


1. Make a list – Strive to jot down at least 100 names. A simple way to jot down 100 names is simply to empty out your contacts that are stored in your cell phone. Once you’ve done that, you’ll create a sub-category of the TOP 20-30 people that you are the CLOSEST with. This is your true Warm Market. These are people that would help you, like you , trust you and would listen to you based solely on your relationship with them. These are the people that you need to contact first.

Once you’ve identified your TOP20-30 people, divide them into people who are local and people who aren’t. The ones that are local you’ll invite to your home meeting, or a home meeting.

2. Set up a home meeting – Ask yourself, do you want to explode FAST or go SLOW? Of course, FAST right? Well, home meetings are the key to exploding your business fast. Why? Because you’ll be able to EXPOSE the most amount of people with a home meeting.

Think about it: If you’re going to invest 45 minutes to talk about your business, would you rather talk to one person, or a room of 8-12 people. Well, if it’s going to take the SAME amount of energy, effort and time ANYWAY, doesn’t it just make business sense to expose more people?

This is the ABSOLUTE SECRET of the TOP PRODUCERS. While the average  network marketer is running around, wasting time and trying to expose people one-by-one, the pros are doing the same amount (or less) presentations and getting 10 times better results because they’re exposing 10 times more people.

Hear me on this loud and clear…

– They are still getting the same ratio of people no-showing!

– They are still getting the same ratio of people saying NO!

– They are still getting the same ratio of people who say they’re IN and never join!

But, because they’re sorting through GROUPS of prospects and not going one-by-one, they are getting significantly better results.

3. Sign people up – Once you’ve exposed a group of people to the opportunity, there will always be a percentage of people who don’t join and a percentage of people who do join.

For example, if there are 10 guests at the Home Meeting, the numbers usually break down like this:

– 4 do nothing…

– 3 become customers…

– 3 join!

Watch this…

The pros know they can’t beat the numbers, so they help the 3 who want to become customers do so… and then they spend the rest of the time helping the 3 who want to join enroll in the system , and then start setting up their Home Meetings. They spend no time with the ones who don’t want to join. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not rude or mean to them, but they don’t spend time trying to convince them to join.

The amateur, in the same scenario, goes about things a very different way. Instead of working with the ones who want to join, they actually ignore them, and spend the next 30 minutes trying to get the ones who don’t want to join to join. Big mistake!

In the same 30 minutes, they could be enrolling their new distributors and scheduling new Home Meetings over the next few days.

Click PLAY to hear me explain this 3-step system:

I will be posting our step-by-step system on our Team Website so don’t worry if you need specific details.

In the meantime, take action NOW and get your business going…

Be the leader your team needs you to be!

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