A VERY Personal Thanksgiving Story…

By:Jaime Soriano November 24, 2011


So it’s Thanksgiving once again….

… and in our family, that means
food, family… and more food :)…

With that said, I wanted to just
take a moment to wish you a very
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Obviously, you shouldn’t be thankful
just one day out of the year.

But for our family… and for me…

…this will be a bittersweet Thanksgiving.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you
why in a minute.

Sometimes when you’re in the
flow of building your business,
it’s sometimes difficult to notice
all the great things that are happening
around you.

… I know that that’s definitely
the case for me…

This past year has been pretty
interesting to say the least.

As far as business goes, I’ve had
some ups and downs, but overall…

.. I’m literally ‘up’ in every area
of my business this year over last…

In fact, in just the past couple of

… I’ve hit some pretty cool milestones…

For one, I hit the top level of MLSP
and helped them launch their Coaching

I also launched Empower Network
and between me and my wife, who
is building her own team, we hit
5-figures a month in our first 3 weeks.

On top of that, I became the
#1 Recruiter and #2 Income Earner
in my primary network marketing business.

All my investments are up…

…and currently, I just closed on my
new home in Long Island.

Now with all that said…

… believe it or not…

… those things are not what I’m thankful for.

Of course, I’m always grateful
for all the monetary blessings God
has given me.

But what I’m truly thankful for
is that I actually own my time.

For me, time ownership is
worth more than all the money
in the world.

Of course, it takes money to
own your time…

…but if I had all the money in the
world, but had to time freedom,
it just wouldn’t be worth it for me.

Stay with me now because I’m
about to make a huge point…

Around two years ago, my sister
was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian

To say that I was shocked would
be an understatement.


Because she was only in her
late 40’s and had the rest of her life
to live…

… and to be totally honest…

I always thought stuff like that
would never happen in our family.

I still remember the first time
she went to the hospital thinking
she just had a regular stomach ache.

What was supposed to be an
‘in-and-out’ visit, turned out to
be an almost 2 week stay that
culminated in us getting the ‘news’.

Over the next 2 years, she battled
her illness and was in and out
of the hospital…

… sometimes being admitted
again after just being released
for a day or two…

Through that whole time,
my wife and I were there…

…staying with her at the hospital…

Talking with her about everything
she was going through…

… and just being there so she didn’t
feel alone.

Obviously, my wife and I
were not the only family members
who were there for her.

But I can honestly say that, with the
exception of her 2 children…

… who are the best nephew and niece
an uncle can ask for…

… we spent the most time with her
during her 2 year battle…

… the early mornings.

… the late nights.

… the frantic phone calls.

… the tears.

All of it…

… we were there.

And the only reason that was
possible was because of a
decision I made 14 years ago
to own my time through this
awesome industry.

Just a few months ago, I
was at home when I got a
call from my wife to get to
the hospital as fast as I possibly

Because of the tone in her voice,
I didn’t ask ‘why?’…

… I just picked up, got in my
car and headed for the hospital.

That afternoon, my sister passed
away while I held her hand.

I got to say good-bye and
in her last moments, she knew
that I was there..

…and that she wasn’t alone.

Looking back, I wonder…

If I had a job, would I have
been able to spend all the time
I did with her.

… Talking with her about what
she wanted me to do for her kids.

… Forgiving each other for things
that happened in the past and
arguments that brothers and sisters have.

… And being in the hospital
room in her last moments.

I’m so thankful for this industry
that gave me the ability to own
my time.

So often in this industry, people
get caught up in the ‘hype’, the
luxury cars and big money.

For me this industry is about…


This is the gonna be the first
holiday season without her here.

And, while I love seeing my
kids bursting with excitement
over the holidays.

… and I’m extremely thankful
for all the monetary blessings
God has given me…

.. this season will be bittersweet.

… at least for me.

Take a minute to think about
all the things you should be thankful

More than that, take a minute
to be thankful for the things you have
that money can’t buy.

I also want to encourage you
to make a decision that you will
start moving towards time freedom.

Trust me, if God forbid something
happens in your family like what
happened to mine, you will realize
how important time is.

During this Thanksgiving, be grateful.

And start making some new decisions
that will move you towards freedom.

… Now go eat some turkey and
tell your family members how
much you love ’em 😉

… Happy Thanksgiving!!…

To Your Success,



Jaime Soriano

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