Online MLM – Time To Clear The Air About MyLeadSystemPro

By:Jaime Soriano February 6, 2011


Online MLM

Online MLM

Here’s a short video I just did that goes into what MyLeadSystemPro is and why I use it to market by business online. And while I fully recommend some time-tested building tactics like home presentation, growing a weekly meeting and putting on big events, I also believe that the internet can provide a tremendous amount of leverage when it comes to building a network marketing business. And, when it comes to building a network marketing business online, there is no better system than MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP).

For one…

MLSP provides a ton of training for you, which is critical if you’re a newbie to the internet. There are live daily conference calls and live weekly webinars you can plug into. There are also hundreds of hours of training in the archived training section in the backoffice. Make no mistake about it, if you tried to get all the training they provide in the system on your own, you would spend thousands of dollars easily.


MLSP teaches you how to brand YOURSELF. This is critical if you want to build a solid business and a following online. I’ll go more into this in the video below…


And this is a HUGE one, it puts you in a position to PROFIT even when people say NO to your network marketing business. Let’s face it, most people won’t join your business not because your business is bad, but because that’s just the numbers and the nature of this industry. The good news is you don’t need everyone to join in order to succeed… But doesn’t it just make business sense to monetize the 90% of your prospects that won’t join your business anyway?

For example, I make a full-time monthly income just from affiliate commissions alone, never mind my network marketing income which pays me a very healthy 5-figure monthly income in itself. The good news is I spend NO TIME promoting the different affiliate products and tools I get paid on. They get promoted on AUTO-PILOT through the pre-written email campaign that MLSP already has in place. This is POWERFUL!

Last but not least…

You’re able to build a list, build a relationship with your list and sponsor people on the back-end almost effortlessly. I’ll go into this more on the video below…

While you can certainly build a business using only offline techniques, and there are many people who have built successful businesses who don’t even market offline, there is a lot you can do online and you can create leverage in your business in more ways than one by using the internet and tools.

Click PLAY to watch me explain the above in more detail…

Bottom line, if you want to build your business incorporating the internet, MyLeadSystemPro is the way to go. Even if you don’t plan on being strictly an internet marketer, there’s still a ton of value in the system.

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