Offline Techniques – 2 Offline Team-Building Methods That Are Staples In My System

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll know that I like to use the internet to automate the building of my network marketing business.  But I’ve also made clear that I’ve been full-time for 12 years, which means I “came up” using “old school” methods.  Back when I got started, there was no Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. We had to do everything through face-to-face meetings. When I think about what’s available today for marketers, it blows me away: webinars, list building, affiliate marketing, blogs, etc.

With that said, there are some things that have been too effective for me that I still continue to utilize them today. In this article, I’ll list 2 of the several offline methods that I use to grow my business.  Keep in mind, I’m only listing them down, not going into how to properly set them up and the dynamics of how it works.

1.  Launch Meeting – The purpose of this meeting is to launch the new rep’s business and get them off to a fast start. Ideally, within 48 hours of enrolling, I’d setup a meeting with them in order to answer their questions, set some goals and plan out their 1st 30 days. I also set up their Private Business Reception.  For aggressive reps, I also speak to their 3-5 best prospects on the phone for them and start building their team.  On top of this, I also use this meeting to start the relationship-building process, which is critical when building your business.  Building strong personal relationships with my new reps is something I like to do offline… even if I meet them online.

2.  Private Business Reception (PBR) – The purpose of this meeting is to expose multiple people at one time to the opportunity.  Showing the business one person at a time is good but it’s just too slow and the rejection can blow a new rep out of the business.  Typically, after a new rep gets about 3 NOs, their excitement is gone and they have one foot out the door. But with a PBR, you can build fast and minimize the rejection for them.

Here’s an example:  Let’s say your new rep sets up a PBR and you do a presentation for 5 of his best prospects. And let’s say out of the 5 people, 3 say NO, 1 becomes a customer and 1 says YES and becomes a rep.  How do you think your new rep feels after that PBR? Yep, on top of the world! Why? Because they now have a new customer and a new team member.  They’re probably thinking, “Wow! This just might work!”  They don’t even feel the sting of rejection from the 3 people who said NO.  Keep in mind, that if they talked to their market one-at-a-time, the very same 3 people who said NO at the PBR, could have blown them out of the business.

Another reason I conduct PBRs is because it keeps you from wasting time.  My attitude is: if someone’s going to say NO, they’re going to say NO no matter how you expose them to the business.  So if it’s going to take me 45-minutes to show someone the business who’s going to say NO anyway, I might as well put them in a meeting with 4-5 other people so I can do ONE 45-minute presentation, instead of FOUR or FIVE 45-minute presentations. And the ones who want in will join.. and the ones who don’t won’t.

Awhile back, I wanted to re-start my business so I scheduled a PBR for myself. I invited 120 people… 81 people showed up for the 45-minute presentation… and 36 people signed up (10-15 others signed up within a few days).  So in 45-minutes, we signed up 36 new reps.  How long would it have taken us to do a 45-minute presentation for 81 people 1-by-1?

With that said, a PBR doesn’t require that many people to work.  A good PBR can have 4-5 people in it.

These are just 2 offline methods I currently use to build my business.  Combining them with the leverage the internet gives me to generate leads has been a great marriage.  I guess you can still be “old school” and embrace the “new school” all at the same time.

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