Network Marketing Training – This One Thing Can Dramatically Increase Your Results

Have you ever wondered why two people in the same network marketing company can have two very different results? Why is that? They promote the same product and work the same compensation plan, and yet one struggles while one continuously makes progress. Well, assuming they were equal in experience and number of contacts, there is usually “something” that the successful rep has going for him/her that the unsuccessful rep doesn’t. And that “something” is POSTURE.

What is POSTURE? While posture can be the way you present yourself to a prospect, it’s actually more than that. Posture is the strength of belief you have in your company, in your product/service, in your industry… and most of all, in yourself. If you have a tremendous amount of belief and conviction in your company, product, yourself, etc., the more likely you’ll achieve better results in your business whether that means acquiring a new customer or enrolling a new rep.

With that said, having posture does NOT mean being obnoxious or looking down on other people. Nobody likes talking to someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else. But, it’s OK to have some “professional arrogance” about your business. You need to be able to project confidence when you’re talking to a prospect… either face-to-face or over the phone. You can’t appear to be unsure or wishy-washy about your business and expect people to take you serious, buy your product or join you.

Have you ever been approached by a salesperson who seemed flaky, lacked confidence or didn’t project confidence? Did you do business with them? Probably not… Keep that in mind, next time you’re sharing your business with someone.

So how do you build confidence so you can have posture? Here’s 3 things you can do to increase your confidence and posture:

1. Become Knowledgeable – The more you know about your business and your industry, the more confidence you’ll have when you talk about it and answer your prospect’s questions. That doesn’t mean you have to be a “guru” or know every intricate detail about everything… but you should have have a working knowledge of how your business works.

2. Own The Product Yourself – Your first-hand testimonial will give you a ton of belief and confidence. And of course, by owning the product yourself, you’re automatically telling your prospect that you believe in it.

3. Work On Yourself (Self-Development) – By continuously working on yourself (improving your mindset and skill-sets), you’ll be able to increase your belief in yourself. Reading success-oriented books, listening to success-oriented audios, attending functions and associating with success-oriented people should be an on-going activity for you if you’re serious about self-development.

Always remember that POSTURE is very important to your success. Without it, you can know what to say and still get minimal results. But if you know what to say AND you have posture, you’ll soon watch your numbers increase… and isn’t that what you want?

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