Network Marketing Mindset – Protect Your Attitude

During these tough economic times, it’s more crucial than ever to protect your attitude and keep a “forward-thinking-mindset”. We sometimes see people panic and react impulsively to what would otherwise be insignificant events in better circumstances.  Things seem to take on a heightened sense of impact based on a heightened level of uncertainty, leading to a downward spiral of negativity which is difficult to extricate one’s self from.

As a leader, it’s of utmost importance to remind people that while times are certainly challenging, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.  We should try and understand that there will be a time down the road when things will be back on track and what frightens people now will be virtually unnoticeable at that future time.  Furthermore, for those people with the courage to recognize real opportunities, this is a period from which great fortunes will be made and success stories will be written.

With that said, in order to capitalize on these times, you need to understand that Leadership is the key.  Leading by example, moving forward with boldness and seeing the positive in every situation is extremely important.  Keep in mind that you have the opportunity and have everything you need to improve your situation and help other people improve theirs.  That is what this industry allows you to do; change and affect the lives of the people you care about and serve.  Develop the mindset and outlook that you will emerge from this present world-wide malaise in a position of leadership and even in a position of dominance in your company and in your industry.

The secret is to protect your attitude at all cost and regardless of circumstance.  We should attempt to avoid and eliminate anything that places fear and anxiety in our path.  The television news, the newspaper, gossip, negative people, anyone or anything that causes negativity must be limited or completely removed in order to protect the most precious things you can control — how you think, feel and your attitude in general.  Never forget that people want to be around and follow excited, motivated, positive people and avoid negative, frustrated, down people.  I once heard that people may root for underdogs, but what they really want is to follow “top dogs”.

Protect your attitude; be a great leader and someone people want to follow — “a top dog”. The world needs you to be that way, now more than ever!

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