Network Marketing Mindset – One Tip That Will DRAMATICALLY Reduce Your Stress

If you’re serious about building your network marketing business, then chance are you already know the importance of recruiting new reps and building independent leaders that can work the business without you.  With that said, recruiting and developing leaders can be a “double-edged-sword”. On one side , it is the single-most important activity you must engage in if you want to build a business that will work instead of you. But on the other side, because you’re dealing with people and all their emotional baggage and self-doubt, it can also be the single-most frustrating activity in your business.

For example: Have you ever enthusiastically talked to one of your reps after your company made a huge BOMBSHELL announcement, only to have your words fall on deaf ears?  Have you ever spent an hour or two with a new rep outlining a fast start game plan with them that covered everything in detail, only to have them join the witness protection program 72 hours later? Chances are you have, and if you’re aggressively building your business, you’ve probably experienced this (or something like this) more than once! And, chances are, whenever an experience like this occurred, you’ve probably wanted to pull all your hair out in frustration and wondered, “Why the heck doesn’t he/she get it? Why can’t they see how big this is?”

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s nothing wrong with you or your company? And there’s certainly nothing wrong with network marketing? You just haven’t accepted a huge UNWRITTEN LAW in network marketing.


My “Aha-Moment” (and the moment when I accepted this unwritten law) came during an International Convention. There was 65,000 reps in the stadium and the environment was just electric. On the closing night, the #1 income-earner took the stage and told their story filling the stadium with emotion. Afterward, the CEO of the company came up and wrapped up the entire event by talking about the vision of the company. As soon as he finished his motivational talk, confetti fell from the rafters, an amazing display of laser-lights filled the arena while the event’s highlights video was shown recapping the emotion and the recognition that just took place during the convention. I remember turning to one of my team members who was just filled with emotion and as I gave him a hug he told me how he made some serious decisions about his business and how he wanted to win for his family. I then turned around and saw another one of my team members. Trying to control my emotions, I asked him, “Man, wasn’t that awesome! Is this exciting or what?” He looked down at his watch, then looked up at me, and said, “Yeah, that was good. Where do you want to eat?” I said, “What do you mean? Did you not just hear…”. “Yeah, that was nice, but what do you want to eat? We should get out of here before McDonald’s gets packed. I’m hungry…” he un-excitedly said as he walked away.

It was then that I realized that if the #1 earner and CEO of the company couldn’t motivate that guy, there was no way I would or could. In that split-second, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to waste any time with unmotivated people or waste a second trying to motivate an unmotivated person. I simply had to invest my time in finding motivated people. That’s when things really started taking off and major momentum started to happen.

In closing, always remember that building your network marketing business is exciting, exhilarating and FUN when you’re working with MOTIVATED people who are hungry for success. But it can also be mentally-draining and exhausting when you’re dealing with UNMOTIVATED people who are not hungry for success. By accepting this unwritten law of network marketing, I guarantee you that you’ll dramatically reduce the stress and frustration caused by trying to motivate an unmotivated person!

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