Network Marketing Mindset: Commitment = Success

In the network marketing industry, your level of commitment will most likely determine your level of success. The greater your emotional involvement, the easier it is to remain committed. When you think about it, this is true for anything in life including marriage, family, business, faith, etc. It’s this level of commitment fueled by your desire that sustains you and keeps you going through tough, challenging times, times of despair; the stuff of life that can sometimes rock even the most committed of us.

This level of commitment, which is fueled by that strong emotional drive (desire), must be fed, enhanced and nurtured every day. Some days it’s so easy to love your spouse, your religious faith, etc., while sometimes it takes great effort.

A good example of this is raising teenagers. There’s a time when the children are little and they’re so much fun; however, for many, if not for most of us, when the kids enter into their teen years, it can be very difficult to deal with the emotional issues they’re going through. It’s during these times that they need our love the most and our commitment is also tested the most. Usually, there’s a great payoff when your children become their own person and are going after and accomplishing their goals and dreams, and they become a definite source of pleasure.

It’s exactly the same in business where we’re all tested at times.  It’s at these times when our commitment level, our desire and our passion for what we do, carries us through difficult times. Yet the payoff, again, is so worth it as you see your business and personal success rise to new levels after overcoming great adversity. Art Williams, the founder of the company where I first got my start in this industry, used to always say, “The first step to greatness is TOTAL commitment”. I would add that the first step to total commitment is total emotional involvement, or an absolute passion for whatever you’re doing. Develop that passion and that emotional involvement (desire) and you will likely experience a level of success and freedom that may have been missing from every aspect of your life… until now.

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