Infinity Downline – Main Business Or Feeder Program?

In this article, I want to present two ways the Infinity Downline home based business can be utilized to build an on-going, monthly residual income.

Before I go into this information, I’ll first briefly explain what Infinity Downline is. Infinity Downline, or ID, is an affiliate program founded by Peter Wolfing earlier this year. The ID products are a plethora of video and audio training on a myriad of subjects ranging from Internet Marketing Subjects to Computer How-To Subjects to Self-Development Subjects. One of the most attractive features of ID is that you can build yourself an on-going monthly residual income from home by marketing and promoting the Infinity Downline program. The other very attractive feature of ID is that you can get involved for only $25. Think about it… you can start a home based business that can potentially pay you a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars in residual income for less than it costs to fill up your car’s gas tank.

Now back to the question: Can Infinity Downline be utilized as your main business or as a feeder program you can add to your existing business portfolio?

The answer is YES and YES… Infinity Downline can be utilized in both ways…

As a main business, Infinity Downline has tremendous upside potential with little to no risk. You are paid 100% net payout meaning that you generate $25 in monthly residual income for every person you refer to the program, not to mention the referrals you obtain from the extremely powerful “Reverse 2-Up” System. If you’re still wondering what kind of residual income you can build, here is an example:

Let’s say you have $25 a month in residual income coming in from 50 people. That equates to a reoccuring monthly residual income of $1,250. For most people, that would pay their rent or mortgage payment. Imagine not having to worry about your rent or mortgage payment every month. Over the course of time, let’s say you have $25 a month coming in from 100 people. That equates to a reoccuring monthly residual income of $2,500! For the average middle-American, that would pay for most, if not all, of their monthly bills and expenses. Now keep in mind, you were not responsible for all 50, or 100, people. The powerful leverage of the Reverse 2-Up System, if used properly, more than likely enabled you to obtain the majority of those referrals from your downline. Also, keep in mind that the average MLM company pays out $1.20 to $9.60 in monthly residual income for every distributor so the same 100 people would probably pay out $960 (using the $9.60 payout per distributor) in monthly residual income. That’s a major difference… $960 or $2,500 in monthly residual income. Not to mention, the average MLM company pays that residual out assuming the distributor is on a $150+ monthly autoship.

As a feeder program, or addition to your current business portfolio, Infinity Downline can be an incredible asset.

Let’s say you’re promoting your primary business, which happens to have an entry fee of $300 or more. The reality is not everyone can afford a $300 or more entry fee. What you can do is redirect these people to Infinity Downline so that you can still put them in your business. Whether they decide to make Infinity Downline their main business or as a vehicle to make enough money to get into your main business is up to them. The bottom line is with a feeder program like ID, now these prospects that you would normally have to turn away are able to join your downline.

If you’re looking into starting a home based business that you can build online or you’re looking to add to your existing business portfolio, then taking a look at Infinity Downline might be worth your time. With that said, it’s important to know that if you can’t generate leads, you will be dead in the water. On my website, I provide training that will allow you to generate leads on autopilot through internet marketing strategies.

Jaime Soriano wrote this  to provide a resource for people looking into the Infinity Downline program. To see how top Infinity Downline reps are generating 25-100 leads a day to grow their business, visit Jaime’s MLM Training Secrets

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