The Importance Of Investing In Yourself And Your Business

By:Jaime Soriano July 13, 2011


Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

In my 14 years in the MLM industry, I’ve had the fortune of studying MANY successful people. In fact, I’ve made it a point to study successful people not only in MLM, but in traditional business also and even in sports. And while they all have many commonalities, one that really sticks out is this… Successful people are NOT afraid to invest in themselves and in their business. In fact, it’s interesting to note that highly successful people spend HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of dollars a MONTH in books (and ebooks), tools, training, events, seminars, conventions, software and system that help them with their business. It’s also interesting to note that unsuccessful people do NOT invest in themselves or their business. In fact, they actually go as far as to say things like “I don’t to go to those events…” or “I don’t need to spend money on books and self development CDs…”.

If you want to even have a CHANCE at succeeding, one thing is for sure: Make a decision today that you will invest in yourself and in your business.

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Hopefully, you got the point… Trust me, investing in YOURSELF will give you a better ROI than any stock, bond or mutual fund. So go ahead… Put some money on yourself :-)

To Your Success,
Jaime Soriano
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