Four Tips To Having Break-Through Success With Monavie

So you’ve just joined Monavie and you’re excited to start building your new home business. The problem is you don’t exactly know what your next step is because you’ve never started a home based business before. Suddenly, you remember the speaker at the presentation mentioning that you need to share the Monavie products and business opportunity with as many people as you can. So you have two choices, right:

1. You can call all your friends and family and use your relationship with them to get them to join your business, or

2. You can hit the malls and start talking to strangers about your new business which will put you in a position to get rejected multiple times a day

Those are your two option because that’s what your upline tells you to do. Well, thankfully, there are other creative ways to build your Monavie business.  In this article, I will highlight four creative and powerful ways you can still build your business without resorting to prospecting strangers and chasing after your broke friends and family:

1. Be different – Take a personal inventory of what your strengths are and what you can bring to the table in your Monavie business. Allow your talent and skills to make you different than everybody else.

2. Use systems to automate your sales process – Having a good, converting sales funnel to build your Monavie business will save you time, energy and money. This is where a lot of people drop the ball. They waste time and money doing things that they don’t have to do because they don’t have a system. For example, most Monavie distributors waste time, gas and money driving around town to give 1-on-1 presentations. While smart Monavie distributors simply direct their prospects to a lead capture page. Upon submitting their info, they would be directed to a good online presentation. Afterwards, they can simply be given a call to see if they are ready to join or buy product. Worst case scenario, they can be automatically followed-up with via email autoresponders. As you can see, the “system” presents and sorts prospects out enabling you to deal only with serious prospects. This is just one example of how a system would provide leverage for you. There are other reasons I can think but I want to keep this article brief.

3. Learn to leverage the internet to sponsor reps for you – Marketing is critically important to your success. By marketing properly, you can actually position yourself directly in front of people that are already looking for you. By doing this, you can obtain leads on a daily basis. Your goal is to have more leads than you can physically get to. My recommendations are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, video marketing and article marketing. Although there are a multitude of ways you can market, these 3 are highly effective. Keep in mind, that PPC requires you to have an ad budget.

4. Learn how to be super-effective over the telephone – This doesn’t mean you have to become a tacky, slick telemarketer. But, you will have to get on the phone with people and get them into your business. Don’t be afraid to close them. Remember, if you’re using a funnel system, the people you get on the phone with will be highly-responsive anyway, so don’t be scared to direct them where you need them to go.

If you get good at these four simple tips, there’s no telling how much success you can have in your Monavie business.

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