Three Things That Filipino Knife Fighting Taught Me About Building A Prosperous MLM Business

By:Jaime Soriano October 6, 2011


Over the last couple of months, people have gotten to know me as a successful online marketer. And while I have put in the time to brand myself as somewhat of an authority in the niche, I actually have spent the majority of my career building organizations offline. For those that know my story, you know that out of the 14 plus years that I’ve been heavily involved in the industry, about 13 of those years have been spent marketing offline. But what a lot of people don’t know is that I’ve been involved in some way or another in martial arts all my life, specifically Filipino Martial Arts (or FMA), otherwise known as Filipino Knife Fighting.

In this article, I’m going to cover three things that being a practitioner of FMA has taught me about being a network marketer. Now, whether or not your familiar with FMA or not, you’ll be able to take away some value if you pay attention.

Check out these three lessons and watch the kick-ass video below of me being attacked by three guys armed with real machetes :)

FMA Concept #1: There’s Only A Few Ways (Or Angles) You’re Going To Get Attacked – In FMA, you’re only taught to react to twelve angles of attack. Unlike other martial arts styles that teach you ‘101 ways’ to defend yourself, FMA fighters focus on mastering how to react to 12 (or less) angles. Why? Because there’s only so many ways an attacker can come at you.

For example, someone attacking you may have a bottle, a knife, a stick or just his fist… But if the attack is aimed at the left side of your head, it’s treated as the same angle and you’re taught to react to that angle in a similar way.

Likewise, if someone is aiming for the right side of your head, whether they are trying to hit you with their fist, a stick or a knife, you’re taught to react to that angle of attack in a specific way. If you understand this ‘angle of attack’ concept, you can prepare to defend yourself successfully by learning to react to a handful of angles as opposed to trying to master ‘101 techniques’.

MLM Lesson – Instead of trying to master EVERY objection known to man, you can get results and build a sizable business by learning and mastering only a handful of objections.

Why? Because there are only a handful of ‘objections’ that you will most likely get.

For example, in my personal experience, I get the same 4 objections almost all the time

– I don’t have the time…
– I don’t have the money…
– I don’t know a lot of people…
– Is this a pyramid?

That’s pretty much it…

So I decided to REALLY master handling those objections. And because I mastered how to overcome those 4 main objections like a pro, instead of being mediocre at handling ‘101 objections’, I became a closing machine.

FMA Concept #2: Immerse Yourself In Live Weapons Training So You Get Sharp And Stay Calm In A Hostile Situation – Because FMA was developed in the jungles of the Philippines and used in real life combat situations like WW2, weapons training was introduced at the very beginning.

This is very different than most martial arts styles, since most styles introduce weapons much later in the student’s development, if at all.

To take it a step further, live blades and ‘realistic’ combat situations were introduced in training as well. This early immersion with using and practicing with live weapons, not only developed sharp reflexes, but it also enabled fighters to stay calm in all types of potentially hostile situations.

Why? Because if an attacker pulled a weapon on you, chances are you won’t freeze and panic since you’re used to having live weapons coming at you during training. In addition, there were no forms, or katas, to learn. Almost everything was taught through live person-to-person reflex drills and/or sparring.

MLM Lesson – In order to develop your skill sets, it’s important that you immerse yourself in your business and master your craft. If you know your business like the back-of-your-hand and you know how to overcome the most common objections, there’s really no reason to be nervous. Nervousness and anxiety come up when you’re not confident and you realize that you don’t know what to say. But if you are knowledgeable about your business and you’ve practiced enough, then you’ll be handle any situation you’re in… and you’ll react naturally.

#3. In A Multiple Attacker Situation, ALWAYS Angle Away So You Can Handle One Attacker At A Time – Because FMA was made for actual combat, it was a given that you would face multiple attackers. There’s rarely a situation in ‘real life’ where you’ll be in a one-on-one altercation.

So early in FMA training, you’re taught to develop the reflex and footwork to always move to the ‘outside’ of your closest attacker. By doing this, you’re positioning the closest attacker between you and the second attacker.

It’s in this manner that you can neutralize the attacker closest to you, while you’re out of range for the second attacker to hit you.

Conversely, if you stay in one spot or choose NOT to angle out of range, you’ll be forced to take on both attackers at the same time, which may lead to them overwhelming, or overpowering, you.

MLM Lesson – In business and in life, you’re going to get confronted with MULTIPLE problems. The key is to prioritize the most serious, or closest, problem and deal with it BEFORE dealing with the next one. In this way you can line up your problems and ‘neutralize’ them one by one.

Most people try to deal with multiple problems at once and that’s why they get overwhelmed. If you can learn the skill and mental focus of dealing with one problem at a time, you will significantly position yourself ahead of your competition and increase your chances of success… Both in business and in life.

So there you have it…

Obviously, I learned a lot of other things from FMA that I carry over into my business and life. But these three concepts provide lessons that any business person would be able to take away from: Mastering the most common scenarios, mastering your craft and handling problems are things that will help you become successful in anything you do.

But in network marketing, they can ‘SAVE YOUR LIFE’!…

OK, maybe it won’t save your life… But it’s still important to learn! LOL :)

Check out this video of me taking on three guys with real machetes. It was shot years ago at a martial arts demonstration I did for an audience of about 500 people. I’m the bald guy with the sleeveless shirt… and I was waaayyy more buff back then than I am now :) LOL

Click PLAY To Watch The Video

Hope you enjoyed that short but cool video clip I dug up…

To Your Success,





Jaime Soriano

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