Empower Network System Updates, Upgrade Benefits, Email Swipe and Other Stuff :)

By:Jaime Soriano December 6, 2011


Hey gang,

So it’s been an interesting couple of days to say the least.

About 3 days ago the Empower Network server crashed…


And it looks like we’re right where we left off momentum-wise 😉

Overall, the system is back up, orders are getting processed and people are joining.

So outside the few people that still have a few bugs with their blogs, all is back to normal in Empower Network land :)

With that said, here’s a few things you need to be aware of:

1. Server Issues – I’ve had a few people ask me what the problem was in the first place and why did the server go down. Frankly, I’m not one to focus on the past and I’m very much a ‘let’s move forward’ type of person. But if you must know, it crashed because it couldn’t handle the amount of traffic being driven to it. Plain and simple. Right before the server crashed a few days ago, there were 2.5 million page searches a day. That’s insane. To put it in perspective, that’s significantly more traffic than Amway’s website, which is the oldest and biggest network marketing company on the planet. (I’m not am Amway rep, just stating the facts). On top of that, the Alexa rank on the Empower Network blog was dropping like crazy… all the way down to 2,610 in just a few days. Here’s what’s important, they have moved to a new server that is capable of handling all the traffic and then some, so we should be good from here on in.

2. Merchant Accounts – We’re no longer moving forward with First Data. So don’t even bother applying with them for a merchant account if you don’t already have one. Simply, use your PayPal account for now and in a few days when the NEW merchant account is announced, you can apply then for your merchant account. With that said, if you are currently using First Data, you can continue to do so since they are honoring all transactions until January 4th, 2012. Obviously, in a few days you will have to apply for the new merchant account. The good news is the NEW merchant account will be capable of handling International orders, unlike First Data which only handles orders from people in the US. As far as I know, you can continue to use Authorize.net if you are already using them. Also, since we are parting ways with First Data you are not required to fulfill the 6 month contract with them.

3. Support Tickets – Some of you might be experiencing glitches in the system that you didn’t renew your account when you did or that you didn’t upgrade to the Inner Circle or Costa Rica Intensive when you did. Admin is aware of the glitches and the glitches were caused by the server crash. All you have to do is copy or forward your receipt (or any other proof of payment) to Empower Network Support. If you do not have a copy of your receipt and I am your personal sponsor, message me through the Team Facebook Group Page and I’ll grab a snapshot for you from my back office showing your active status.

4. Upgrade Promo – The upgrade promo has been moved to this Thursday (December 8th, 2011). If you want to participate in the promo, then make sure you upgrade to ALL 3 of the Empower Network products by then.

Here’s what you’ll get if you upgrade to all 3 products by Thursday midnight:

Access to the 6-Webinar Intensive Series – The very best marketers inside of the Empower Network will be coming together to deliver 6 power packed and content rich webinars covering an array of topics including SEO, copywriting, paid traffic sources, ninja blogging techniques, video marketing, mindset, outsourcing and a whole boatload of other topics. Understand, that each of the trainers charge their personal clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per hour for their time. And you’ll get them all just for upgrading.

Instant Access To The New Product – Empower Network’s ‘$15,000 a month in 90 days’ product will be added to the current product line. It will be sold at a $250 price point and you’ll be able to sell it and make 100% commissions on it just like you do with all of the products. I think it’s genius since it gives people a product to choose if they totally can’t afford the $500 Costa Rica product. When they add this product, you will have to buy it for $250 in order to sell it. If you don’t own the product, you’ll ‘pass up’ commissions from people you refer who do buy it (just like the current products). By upgrading before Thursday midnight, you’ll get the $250 product for FREE. That’s a huge incentive right there :)

Don’t Leave Any Money On The Table – The most obvious reason you want to upgrade to all the products doesn’t even have to do with the upgrade promo. By upgrading to all the products, you will leave no money on the table and you won’t have to ‘pass up’ sales to your sponsor that should have come to you but didn’t because you didn’t own the products. Personally, I upgrade right away because I didn’t want to ‘pass up’ anymore sales than I had to. My attitude is I’m probably gonna pass a gang of sales up just because every 5th sales has to be passed up… I didn’t want to pass up any more than that :) Hopefully, you see the big picture also and get yourself upgraded too!

Last but not least, here’s some very important links for you to check out…

Last night’s Live Stream replay with Dave W and Dave S

Team Facebook Group Page (Get Plugged Into The Team)

Skype Chat Group – Add me on Skype and I’ll add you. My ID is dailyresiduals

And if you want to use my email swipe that I sent out today…

Click here – you need to change the links to your affiliate links… and you’ll probably want to delete the last P.S.S. about my blog post… or change the link to a post you wrote about Empower Network :)

Whew… That’s it for now.

Let me leave you with this…

2012 WILL be your most prosperous year ever!

Accept it.

Internalize it.

Believe it.

And in the words of Dave Wood, ‘Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil’ :)







To Your Success,





Jaime Soriano


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