The Economy Sucks So Why Bother Building An MLM Business…

By:Jaime Soriano January 3, 2011


Struggling In A Down Economy?

Struggling In A Down Economy?

Have you heard this before? Are you telling yourself this?

Understand that NOW is the BEST time to build an MLM business!

There are two things you need to understand and internalize if you want to have the most prosperous year of your life in 2011:

1. Network marketing is one of the rare industries that actually flourishes during a down economy. There is a converse relationship between the economy and network marketing. Now more than ever, people are open to the idea of starting a home based business or creating an additional stream of income. In fact, people who may not have been open to network marketing 2-5 years ago are completely open and proactively looking for financial relief. Just look at how many searches on Google there are everyday for terms like “network marketing”, “mlm”, “home business”, “make money online”, “make money from home”, etc., and you’ll see there are MILLIONS of people every single day searching and looking for an opportunity.

2. There is $13 trillion circulating in the economy every single day. People are spending money and purchasing stuff. Yes… even in this “down economy and recession”, consumers are buying stuff all day long. Don’t buy into the hype that “everyone is struggling” and “no one wants to do anything”… Wealthy people aren’t saying that! In fact, wealthy and successful people know there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in times like these. If you do some research, you’ll find out that there were people who made millions and built wealth by grabbing onto and taking advantage of opportunities during the Great Depression. Make no mistake about it… You are in GREAT times to build a business.

Here’s a short video to elaborate on what I mean (pay attention to the very important tip I give in the beginning of the video about online marketing):

Take action today and create your OWN economy in 2011…

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