Network Marketing Training – 5 Tips For Success

When building your network marketing business, it’s important that you work on certain skills.  Skills like learning how to market your business, teaching your team members how to market their business, giving an effective presentation, being effective over the phone, etc., are obviously very important aspects of your business.  And for the most part, these are examples of “tangible” things in your business you need to work on.  With that said, there are many “intangible” aspects of your business that you need to work on like your mindset, your attitude, your ability to overcome adversity, etc.

In this article, I want to briefly list down “5 Tips For Success” that will help you develop your mindset so you can get some of these “intangibles” working for you:

#1.  Communicate With Your Upline Daily – It’s been said that your upline is your “lifeline”.  Your upline wants to help you… and let’s face it, you need their help.  Don’t let your ego stop you from asking for help.  Remember, your upline leaders have a vested interest in your success and in your failure.  By helping you, they are helping themselves… and that creates a win/win situation for everybody.

#2.  Attend Every Event For AT LEAST Your First 90 Days – For your FIRST 90 DAYS, attend every meeting you can and get on every conference call and webinar you can possibly attend.  What water and sunlight are to plants is what these events are to your success.  Give yourself a fair chance to succeed.  Be a sponge for knowledge and a student of network marketing.  Learn as much as you can and ask questions often.  Now I’m not saying that you’ll be an “expert” in 90 days… and I encourage you to make it an on-going habit to attend events.  But giving yourself at least 90 days will give you enough time to internalize the information.

#3.  Talk To People Everyday – If you’re serious about building your network marketing business, NEVER subside front-line recruiting no matter what your level in your business. Recruiting new personal reps will solve almost any problem you’ll face in your business.  A mentor of mine once told me, “Jaime, if you call a meeting or attend an event… and you have 25 ACTIVE directs (personal reps) in attendance at the event, you wouldn’t be able to mess this up even if you tried”.  What he meant was, the wider you are in your business, and the more producing reps that report directly to you, the more security you’ll have in your business.

#4.  Have Long-Term Thinking
–  Does a million-dollar-business pay you riches day one?  NO!  Neither will this.  Be realistic and focus on the bigger, long-term picture always. Yes, it will take time to learn the business and you will mess up… So just enjoy the process!

#5.  Have Fun – This alone will attract people to you instantly.  Why? Because people like to be around other people who are enjoying themselves and having fun.  If you are having problems attracting people, check to see if you’re having fun… or are you stressed out and miserable?  Remember, take people lightly.  You WILL be rejected and people will say NO.  Get over it!   Between the sun rising and the sun setting, your success will not be made or broken.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built daily.”  Just take it one day at a time and have fun!

Learning how to market, present and communicate effectively are critical skills you must develop to succeed in this industry.  However, don’t neglect the “intangibles” of your business.  Having the right mindset and attitude are just as important to your development and your success!

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