Success Leaves Clues – 3 Habits Of Effective Online Marketers

One of the simplest ways of becoming effective as an online marketer is to find out what other effective marketers are doing and model them.  While there are many things that great marketers do on a daily and consistent basis, in this article I’ll highlight 3 “success-habits” that you can copy and implement in your marketing routine.

Here are 3 habits of effective online marketers:

1.  Create Content Everyday To Share With Your Target Audience – Your target audience is hungry for information.  As a marketer, take some time to produce and share some content with your potential prospects.  Whether you post a new article, new video, new podcast, etc., just make it a habit to share some quality information daily.  By doing this, and being very visible, you’ll also brand yourself in the consciousness of your audience.

2.  Reach Out To Your Prospects On A Consistent Basis – Consistent communication builds trust and confidence with your audience.  This “drip-marketing” approach works extremely well when you consider that it normally takes 7-10 exposures before your prospect buys your product or joins your business.  With that said, make sure your emails contain valuable information and content that your prospects can use.  Do not fill your emails with constant pitches of your product and opportunity.  This will only annoy your prospect and make you look like a spammer.

3.  Invest An Hour A Day Learning Your Craft – It’s been said that if you invest an hour a day in any subject, it won’t be long before you can be considered an expert on that subject.  So take the time to position yourself as an expert.  If you want to become an expert on article marketing, then take the time to learn about ad-copy.  Check out other people’s articles and study their style.  This can be said of video marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, etc… Whatever you want to get good at, simply take the time to learn it and apply it.

Remember, your success depends on your DAILY and consistent habits.  It’s about doing a little bit over a long period of time that will enable your marketing efforts to compound out.  For example, you don’t gain 20 pounds in an instant when you eat a Big Mac.  But if you eat a Big Mac everyday, for a year, you WILL gain 20 pounds.  Okay, that’s kind of a bad example… But just understand that if you develop simple habits and execute them daily, you WILL succeed!

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