How To Email Thousands Of People Without Having A Big List

By:Jaime Soriano July 29, 2011

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So you’re interested in blasting out your offer to thousands of people but you don’t have a list yet since you’re just getting started with online marketing. What’s the solution? Email someone else’s list! Yes, you heard that right. Email someone else’s list. That’s exactly what a List Builder is. List Builders, like ViralURL, allow you to email the hundreds of thousands of people in their database for a fee.

The Key To Making It Work

Over the last couple of months, I’ve used ViralURL and have always gotten results whenever I did a mailing. I believe the reason why is because I’m not pitching and shoving my MLM business down people’s throats… which is what most people do. Instead, I offer people a solution to their problems. Think about it… if you know that the people you’re emailing already have an MLM business, why shove another one down their throat without building a relationship?

This is a big tip if you’re going to use a List Builder…

Remember, if you’re email subject line sounds like this: “Join My New MLM Business! We Are The Best Company In The Industry!”, chances are you won’t have many people open your email. Why? Because it sounds too spammy and they probably get hundreds of emails that sound exactly like that. But if you’re subject line sounds like this: “How To Generate 20 Leads A Day On Facebook” or “How To Generate 10 Leads A Day By Spending 10 Minutes A Day On Twitter”, I guarantee that you’ll get a significantly higher amount of people to open your email and read your offer. Why? Because most people have a Facebook or Twitter account but aren’t generating leads with them.

In the short video below, I demonstrate how I email 6,000 people in seconds. It literally takes me no time whatsoever. In fact, I don’t even consider this an actual “strategy” since I don’t spend any time managing it or thinking about it.

Click PLAY to watch the video

Now, there are dozens of dozens of List Builders available online…. Some are good and some are not so good. I’ve tested quite a few and BY FAR the best one is ViralURL. It fact, it is the one you see me using in the video. Of course, the one I’m using is a paid account (which is what I recommend you use).

Here’s One Last Tip…

If you want to check out ViralURL, click here! One last thing… When you sign up for an account, they will give you an OTO (One Time Offer) to get their Elite Account. I would take it if I were you since it TRULY is an OTO and you won’t get the chance to get the Elite membership at that price again.

OK… Now you have a solution if you don’t have a big list yet. Don’t say that I don’t fill you in on cool tips! 😉

To Your Success,
Jaime Soriano
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