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Here’s My Personal ‘Must Have’ Internet And Network Marketing Tool Box:

Here, you’ll find my MOST recommended tools. All the tools below are tools that I use on a DAILY BASIS and are critical to my business. In addition, all the tools below are tools that provide me a tremendous amount of LEVERAGE and they all play a role in my income!

I’ve tried and tested many tools and software over the past 12 months. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for YOU), not all the tools I’ve tested and spent money on have worked. Why is this fortunate for YOU? Because if a tool has made it to this page, you can rest assured that it WORKS!

Article Marketing Software That I Personally Use

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website and brand yourself at the same time.

The only thing is it is very time consuming because after you take the time to put together quality content and write a good lead-generating article… you still have to submit that article to Article Directories.  Done manually, and one-by-one, this process can take up the majority of your day.

One of the things successful people are always looking to do is free up time by leveraging systems or outsourcing “busy work” so they can focus on activities that will directly affect their results and ultimately their income.

Well, here is a product that will enable you to put your Article Marketing on steroids AND free up your time all at the same time.  It’s called Automatic Article Submitter.  Not only will this software create accounts for you on 150-200 different article directories, but it will submit your articles and “spin” ONE article out to look like several UNIQUE articles. In other words, you can turn ONE article into 150-200 articles and start driving crazy traffic to your website.

If you’re interested in getting more information on it simply click the image.  Even if you put to use a fraction of the information it will save you time and energy and will be well worth it.  After all, didn’t you get in this Industry to get your time back to do the things you want to do?

Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot

I also use Article Marketing Robot (AMR) to spin and distribute my articles. Some cool features that Article Marketing Robot has is the ability to post to high PR sites and the ability to post to 300-400 article directories, Press Release sites and blogs! By far, Article Marketing Robot is the best tool I use to create a TON of backlinks… enabling me to get on the 1st page of Google for a TON of keywords. To check it out, click HERE!

My Personal Article Marketing Bootcamp

Article Marketing Bootcamp

Article Marketing Bootcamp

Over the past 12 months, I’ve used Article Marketing to get ranked on the 1st page of Google for almost 200+ relevant keywords. And for the first time ever, I’ve put together a complete outline of EXACTLY what I do. In this Article Marketing Bootcamp, you’ll get almost 3 hours of training packaged into 4 modules of click-by-click video tutorials. And this is NOT conceptual training… This is pure content. You’ll be able to see an over-the-shoulder point of view and see what I do on a daily basis to generate 40-50 leads a day using article marketing. Click the image or this link now to watch a 22-minute video of what you’ll get in this Bootcamp.

My Lead System Pro

Attraction Marketing System
If you’re interested in discovering how you can use the internet to brand yourself, generate leads for your MLM business and profit from prospects that say NO to your opportunity, then you need to check out MyLeadSystemPro now! MLSP has become the premiere Attraction Marketing System online and is endorsed by Mike Dillard. It is the very same system that I personally use to generate 30-50 leads a DAY for my primary business. Drop EVERYTHING and click here the MLSP image above NOW!!!

Magnetic Sponsoring

I totally endorse and recommend all of Mike Dillard’s products below! If you’re DEAD-SERIOUS about taking your MLM business to the next level and you TRULY want to succeed online, you need take a serious look at Dillard’s best-selling products below. Click on the image to review each product!

Tribe Pro

Tribe Pro is fast becoming the premiere way for you to get your content viral and on the 1st page of Google. Instantly get your content shared and tweeted by other members. For more information, click the image above.

Viral URL

Viral URL

Viral URL

Viral URL is the only list builder I use and recommend. At the Diamond level, you’ll be able to email 6,000 single opt-in, business seekers every 3 days…. That’s 60,000 emails you can send every month! List builders are great for when you don’t have your own list or if your list is small and you want to reach a large number of people fast. For more information, click the image on the left or click HERE!!!

List Joe

List Joe

List Joe

Another good list builder service is List Joe. With List Joe, you can email 3,000 opted-in opportunity seekers every 3 days. As with other list builders, you can leverage someone else’s list if you don’t have one yet. Aside from ViralURL, List Joe is the only other list builder service I personally use. To check out List Joe for yourself, click here or click the image.


GoDaddy is the only place I personally go to purchase domains for all of my websites and lead capture pages. The account manager is extremely easy to use and the customer service is very good. If you want to get a domain for your website, click HERE or click the image below!



Free Blog Factory

If you want to get a blog up in minutes and don’t want to fuss around with your computer, go to Free Blog Factory and get a free trial! Click here or on the image above!

Lead Net Pro



This is an ADVANCED tool for serious marketers only. While I am a firm believer in Attraction Marketing and Relationship Marketing (and believe that there is nothing more effective online than generating your own leads and building your own highly responsive list), Lead Net Pro is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen when it comes to targeting specific niches and scraping emails and phone numbers. There are THREE things you get with Lead Net Pro. The first is a push-button keyword targeted lead harvester that pulls names, emails and phone numbers from Google, Yahoo, Craiglist and Backpage. The second thing you get is a state of the art, easy to use phone broadcaster system that records and broadcasts messages to the leads you harvested… You can also use the phone broadcaster to automate follow-up phone calls to your leads and/or to broadcast motivational messages and updates to your network marketing team. This alone can save you 3-5 hours a DAY! And third, you’ll have a strong funded proposal to offer people on your list and to people who say NO to your business opportunity. The cool thing is the $300 per sale affiliate commission structure operates on an INSTANT PAY platform. Click HERE or the image above to learn more about Lead Net Pro!

Or, to watch a 60-minute webinar I did on Lead Net Pro and how you can use it to market, click here!

Article Marketing
If you really want to take your article marketing to another level, then Article Ranks is a good tool to use to create more backlinks. My recommendation is that you use Article Ranks after you’ve got the hang of Article Marketing Robot (submissions software above). It’ll give you another push in your article marketing efforts. To check out Article Ranks, click the image above!

SEMRushSEMRush is an awesome Keyword Research Tool that I use. It allows me to find good keywords to go after and lets me know what type of competition there is for the keyword. Understand that IF you can find profitable, high quality-traffic keywords… that have minimal competition… You’ll get ranked on the first page of Google which equals leads, sales and sign-ups to your primary business! This tool has saved me HOURS of time. To check out SEMRush, click the image or click right here!

Web Hosting Service

Affordable Web Hosting + FREE Domain Name

This is the web hosting service that I recommend and personally use for my blog and websites.

It’s extremely affordable and super-easy to set up.  Plus you get a FREE domain name which will save you money on top of it all.  Also, you can transfer en existing domain if you wish and you can have unlimited domains on one account which makes it a very convenient service to use.

Lastly, I will say that the backoffice is very user-friendly and a VERY cool feature of Bluehost is it allows you to do a “one-click-setup” with WordPress so you don’t have to fiddle around trying to install it yourself.  Just click… and 10 seconds later, you’re good to go!

Hands down, Bluehost is my recommendation for web hosting if you’re in need of one.  Click the picture to check out the Bluehost website. (Disclosure: If you purchase Bluehost through my affiliate link, I will get paid a small commission…)

Email Marketing Service

My personal autoresponder system and the one I recommend is Aweber.  It’s reliable and extremely easy to use… even if you’re brand new to internet marketing.  On top of that, the customer service is excellent and you can also become an affiliate if you choose to.  Go ahead and click the banner above and test-drive it for yourself RISK-FREE for 30 days!


jMailer Pro is a mailer service that I use in conjunction with Lead Net Pro. It’s NOT like Aweber since Aweber is for when you are building your OWN list. It’s chief purpose is for emailing harvested email lists that you generate with Lead Net Pro. It works great for importing large lists and emailing relevant offers to them. To check it out, click the image above or click this link!


If you’re dead-serious about getting your content ranked on the first page of Google, SEOPressor is a MUST HAVE plugin to have on your WordPress blog. Using this plugin is like having an SEO expert right over your shoulder helping you as you create your content. Click here or on the image above to check out the plugin and grab it for yourself!


 When it comes to social media websites, nothing comes close to LinkedIn if you’re looking for quality. The average LinkedIn user has a six-figure income. And studies show that LinkedIn users are decision makers in their company are people of influence. If you’re not on LinkedIn you are missing the boat. LinkedInfluence is a great course that shows you the most effective techniques for using LinkedIn to build your brand, drive traffic and exploding your email list. Click here to check out LinkedInfluence for yourself or simply click the image to the left!

This is a must-have-course if you’re serious about using social media to build your business. And, be sure to check out the cool bonuses you can get for free!


If you’re marketing online or just building your brand, Twitter is an absolute MUST. TweetAdder is a great piece of software that will allow you to build a targeted list of followers. I’ve used TweetAdder to add 40,000+ followers on my Twitter account. And I’ve done the same with over 10 different account… Giving me over 100,000+ combined followers with all my accounts. Don’t believe me? Check out my Twitter account. To check out TweetAdder, click the image or click here!













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