No Warm Market?… No List?… What Do You Do Next?

By:Jaime Soriano September 25, 2015

Network Marketing

frustratedSo lately I’ve been getting a ton of questions about what someone can do if they are excited about Network Marketing… but they simply don’t have a huge warm market and they don’t currently have an email list of responsive buyers.

Well… it’s not the end of the world because at the end of the day there’s people everywhere, right?

Personally, I know people in the Industry who transplanted and moved into a totally new city and still built a business. So it’s possible…

But here’s two things you can do… one is more of an immediate remedy and the other is more of a long term solution that most likely will take you a few months to truly real the rewards.

Watch The Video Below To See What I Suggest

So to recap…

#1. Active Recruiting – Go out and meet new people. A good place to start is setting a goal of meeting 2 people a day. If you just make it a goal of meeting 2 people a day, it will compound and after 90 days or so, you could have a fresh new list of 180+ people.

And like I mentioned in the video, you could also join clubs and meetup groups. The benefit there is that you already have a common interest with the other members of the group. Just make sure you focus on creating real relationships and making new friends, and not just pitching your business right out of the gate.

Sure you’ll have to work a little harder than someone who already has credibility with their warm market… but if you don’t have a warm market or you do have one but you don’t have much credibility because you’ve approached them with other opportunities in the past, you could still succeed if you invest time early on to build an entirely new warm market.

#2. Passive Prospecting – Start creating videos and articles where you give pure value away to the market place. The idea is to offer tips and training to solve the problems of your target market. So for example, if you’re looking to attract Network Marketers then you should create and share content on how to get more leads and how to develop the right mindset to succeed in the Industry.

After a while you’ll have people who will resonate with your content and you’ll be able to make connections with good quality people who already have an interest in Network Marketing.

The key with passive prospecting is that you have to do it right and you have to have the right tools in place to do it effectively. To get online marketing training and tools, Click Here. This is where I started and where I learned how to generate leads online.

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That’s it… no long post today…

It’s Friday and I’m off to grab a bite at Whole Foods :)

See you on the next post!

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

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