Two Reasons Why Rookie Network Marketers Fail To Build A Business

By:Jaime Soriano September 14, 2010

Network Marketing

Being involved in the network marketing industry for more than a decade, I’ve been able to watch first-hand MANY newbies come into the industry.  And while I’ve watched many of these new people take off like a rocket ship breaking through rank after rank in a short period of time, I’ve also witnessed many fall flat on their face and fail miserably.  While there’s dozens of reasons why these new reps failed to achieve their goals, my goal in this article is to highlight TWO REASONS that stick out in my mind so that you can avoid them at all costs.

1.  Unrealistic Expectations Of Success Isn’t it funny how most people say they’re not looking for a “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme”, but when they’re not making a gazillion dollars after their first 30 days, they say things like, “This doesn’t work…” and quit?!?  Most new network marketers come into the industry thinking they’re going to be an overnight success.  They read stories and watch videos of people making great incomes and living great lifestyles and think they’re going to have the same thing in a few weeks.  This is the wrong mindset to have.  Building a network marketing business, or any real business for that matter, takes time.  There’s a learning curve and maturity process you have to go through.  Early in my career (back in 1998), my mentors used to always tell me, “Jaime, this is a 3-5 year plan…”.  I’m so thankful I had mentors that taught me to have the right expectations.  If they hadn’t taught me that, I may have quit this industry in my first year when I was failing forward and getting my butt kicked.

Now you might say, “Well, in my company there’s a guy who joined and hit the top position in 2 months!  He’s an overnight success and I can be too!”  I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but 9 out of 10 times that happens, that “new” rep was probably already a network marketer with years of experience.  In addition, they most likely came in from another company and had an existing downline that they “rolled over”.  Unless that’s your situation, you can’t possibly expect to have the same thing happen to you.

2.  Sporadic Activity Rookie marketers usually have the attitude that they’ll do whatever they can do, during their free time, to build their business.  That’s a totally unprofessional attitude to have.  Developing a working schedule is critical to success.  Even if you have only 10 hours a week to build your business, those 10 hours have to be planned out so you can be effective and have the best chance of succeeding.  With that said, your schedule also has to be non-negotiable.  You can’t “just decide” to do your laundry at the time you’ve allotted to build your business.  Would you “just decide” to do your laundry during your work hours if you had a job?  If you did that, you’d get fired.  Likewise, if you don’t stick to your schedule, failure is inevitable.  Remember, treat your business like a hobby and it’ll pay you like one.

Just because you’re building a network marketing business, that probably cost you only a few hundred dollars to start, doesn’t excuse you from being a professional.  Take a second look at your mindset and your commitment to your schedule to make sure you’re not fooling yourself and organize yourself for success.


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