The Old School Network Marketer vs. The New School Network Marketer – You May Be Outdated!

By:Jaime Soriano April 8, 2010

Network Marketing

First of all, this post is not meant to blast any “old school” network marketing tactics.  Over the last 12 years of my career in the industry, I’ve been blessed to have made WELL over 7-figures in cumulative income using these “old school” tactics and still utilize some of the most effective techniques today in my current business (ex. PBRs, launch sessions, etc.).  With that said, some of the techniques and methods that were used decades ago, or even years ago, are no longer effective or not as effective as they once were.

Most new network marketers getting involved in the industry today are learning the hard way that approaching strangers with the F.O.R.M. technique (you’re old school if you know that one! LOL) and pursuing their UNQUALIFIED warm market doesn’t work anymore.  Today’s consumer has little patience for sales pitches and canned network marketing scripts.

There must be a more effective method of finding prospects, right?

Yes.  Many of today’s network marketers are using technology and the leverage the internet provides to BRING PROSPECTS TO THEM rather than cold calling leads, talking to strangers at the mall or harassing their uninterested friends and family members.

Here’s a quick comparison of the “Old School” and “New School” network marketer:

OLD SCHOOL: Uses a prospect or lead list and acts like a bad telemarketer calling everyone in hopes of finding someone interested in their product or business opportunity.
NEW SCHOOL: Uses tools like capture pages, websites, blogs, videos and email to POSITION themselves in front of a very targeted audience who ALREADY have an interest in what they’re offering – whether it be their product or business opportunity.  In other words, they ATTRACT people to them.

OLD SCHOOL: Thinks like a salesperson and tries to “hard close” someone into joining their business without building a relationship or establishing trust first.
NEW SCHOOL: Thinks like a consultant and provides valuable information on the “front-end” to the marketplace.  Thus, establishing trust and confidence with pre-qualified prospects.

OLD SCHOOL: Wants to sell their product or sign up a new rep immediately.  If they don’t sign the prospect up on the spot, they mentally dismisses the them in hopes of calling them in the future to re-pitch their product or opportunity.
NEW SCHOOL: Understand that it may take several “exposures” and uses automatic communication (Ex. autoresponder) to continue the education process, provide more value and give more information.  Thus, allowing the prospect to buy or join on their terms.  With that said, they also understand that no matter how much information you give someone they may still never buy their product or join their business.  So they leverage  automatic communication to promote affiliate products that may genuinely interest the prospect.  This allows them to monetize the group of people that say “NO” to their specific product or opportunity.

OLD SCHOOL: Uses outdated scripts to try to get an appointment with prospects so they can pitch their product or opportunity.
NEW SCHOOL: Builds relationships with pre-qualified prospects by blogging, article marketing, video marketing, contributing to social websites and communities, etc. to position themselves in front of people who are pre-interested in a network marketing opportunity.

To be a “New School” network marketer, tap into the leverage the internet provides.  There are many methods and tools you can use to make sales, recruit new business partners and brand yourself as THE authority in your company and/or industry.

Or you can continue to get rejected by strangers at the mall or have family members scatter when you arrive at the next family gathering…

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