Stop Chasing And Start Marketing: 5 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Lead Generation To 20 New Leads Per Day

RecruitingStop Prospecting And Start Marketing: 5 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Lead Generation To 20 New Leads Per Day

Through my experience as a full time marketer over the past 15 years, I’ve come to find out that most network marketers are looking for two things: More leads and more money.

Regardless of what company they’re in, or what products or services they’re selling, more leads and more money are at the top of each marketers priorities.

Why do they need more leads?

Because no matter how great your opportunity or products are, if you don’t have any leads, or people to talk to about your opportunity or products, you won’t make a dime in your business.

And why do they need more upfront money?

Because every business has expenses. For example, the typical network marketer needs to pay for monthly auto-ships, website fees, meeting costs, advertising, and the list goes on and on. In fact, most network marketers come out-of-pocket for these expenses before they make a dime in their business… and for the vast majority of new marketers, they spend themselves out of business.

My purpose with this post, is to get you more of both STARTING TODAY. But before I get into that, let me share a little bit of my story…

For more than 10 YEARS, I built my business the “old fashioned” way… Calling friends and family, prospecting strangers at the mall, giving out business cards every chance I got, pounding the phones and getting rejected EVERY DAY. Now, as brutal as that was, I managed to still get to one of the top positions in my company and eventually I cracked the six-figure annual income mark.

With that said, I noticed two things: First, I noticed that there were VERY few people willing to endure that type of rejection which limited the duplication process. And second, it was extremely time-consuming and mentally-tiring trying to convince people to start a network marketing business.

Because of this, I started looking for and researching different ways to leverage the Internet to build my business. That’s when it all dawned on me: I wasn’t “marketing” and leveraging my time at all. In fact, I was actually network “chasing” instead of network “marketing”. Sound familiar?

imagesThere is a fundamental difference between “Chasing” (or “prospecting for people”) and “Marketing”. “Chasing” (or prospecting) is when you go out and use your personal time to try to find people who you can talk to about your business. “Marketing” is when you leverage tools, technology and strategies so that you can position yourself in front of a highly targeted audience that’s already looking for what you’re offering. In other words, it’s when you let pre-qualified and pre-interested people find you.

Almost all marketers use “prospecting” as their primary way to generate leads.  Why? Because it is what’s been taught in the Industry and passed down for the past 50+ years.

Here are 5 marketing strategies that you can implement to generate leads and position yourself in front of people already looking for you:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:  You can do this through various search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In a nutshell, PPC is when you place an ad where your target audience can see it, and you pay anywhere from $.03 to $2.00 or so whenever someone clicks your ad. Recently, Facebook PPC has become extremely popular. I’m not going to go into all the details of how to do Facebook PPC but you can watch this to learn from one of the best Facebook Marketers around. Just make sure you test alot, and test small before scaling your marketing budget, as PPC can get expensive if you do it wrong. FYI, you can also do PPC on YouTube.

2. Social Networking: Writing blogs, participating in discussions on forums, providing content and connecting with people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn will allow you to brand yourself and build a “following” that you can connect with, influence, and convert to leads for your business. Plus, it’s totally free to use these websites.

3. Writing Articles and Press Releases: This is a very effective way to increase interest in your business, which ultimately will result in generating more leads.  Also, article directories, like, and press release directories, like, are very search engine friendly which will further assist in getting traffic to your website, which should equate to more leads.

4. Video Marketing: Creating short content-rich videos that can be posted on video sharing websites like Youtube, Viddler and Vimeo is another powerful marketing strategy.  Not only is it free, but it’s a very powerful way to build rapport with your target audience.  This goes a long way with your lead generation efforts because people buy or join people they like, trust and can relate to. And with videos, you can build rapport even before they land on your website which equates to en even higher quality lead. For more information on you can leverage YouTube and videos, you can watch this video.

5.  Posting Ads On Free Classified Sites: With some basic training on ad copy, you can post some great lead-generating ads to attract people to your product or business opportunity.  Some sites you can post ads on are Craigslist, BackPage, USFreeAds, etc. If you want to see how I leverage online classifieds to generate leads, you can watch this video I created awhile back.

There are a plethora of ways to generate leads for your business, but for the sake of not giving your information-overload I’m going to leave it at that. Each of these strategies will work as long as you take some time to learn and implement them. Keep in mind, no strategy works “overnight” but with some guidance and training, you can realistically start generating 5-20 leads per day. Think about it, if you just started generating 1-5 leads daily from each of the strategies above, you’d have your 5-20 leads a day.

The two questions I have for you is:

1. What would your business look like if you had 20 people a day to talk to who were already pre-interested in what you are offering?


2. How long would it take you to go out and talk to enough strangers everyday that 20 of them would be willing to listen to your offer?

As a seasoned marketer, I know the BIGGEST reason people aren’t succeeding is they simply don’t have enough leads to talk to. So if you’re still “chasing” everyone that comes across you at the mall or bugging un-interested family members… And you’re unsatisfied with your results, I strongly consider implementing these marketing strategies to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in this industry.

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano



P.S. If you’re going to market online, you need training, systems and tools that will help you. This is the exact system I found when I started online and it’s the best Attraction Marketing system around for new online marketers.


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