What I Would Do If I Had To Start All Over Again…

By:Jaime Soriano October 28, 2012

Network Marketing

So it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted on my blog, which I think is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting if I’m not mistaken.

In all honesty, I’ve been meaning to put up a new post… but I’ve been tied up with a few business projects, and I’ve also been testing some new Solo Ad providers so it hasn’t been easy to jump on here.

Today however, I figured would be a good time to put up a post… even though it not be a long one. Because of Hurricane Sandy, everything has been shut down here in Long Island, NY… so I have some time on my hands :)

One question I get all the time is: “Jaime, I’m totally new to this… What do I do? Where do I start?”

Normally, I’d answer that via Skype, Facebook or email… but today I’ll post right here on my blog what I tell people who are asking this question.

There are really two things I’d do if I were NEW, or if I had to start all over… and it may sound like I’m just promoting my programs, but I’ll tell you the “Why” so you hopefully understand.

First – I’d join My Lead System PRO. (watch this video to see what My Lead System PRO is all about and how it works)

Here’s WHY – If you’ve never done any marketing online, or you’ve never done it successfully, it’s important that you get the training you need. Hands down, My Lead System PRO provides the very best training online marketing training, and it’s designed for new marketers to understand.

There’s LIVE training every week… For example, every Monday night there’s a LIVE webinar on HOW to use the system for your MLM business, every Tuesday night there’s a LIVE webinar on MINDSET, and every Wednesday night there’s a LIVE webinar on cutting edge marketing techniques and you’ll here from marketers who are getting results. On top of that, there’s LIVE conference calls every day that you can plug into.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I work full-time. I don’t have the time to jump on all the training.”

The cool thing is you’ll have all the conference calls and webinars archived in your Training Library in your back office, so you can always watch or listen at a later time. You can also download the conference calls and put them in your iPod so you can listen to them when you’re on the go.

What will you learn in the training? Everything from Mindset to actual marketing techniques you can use to generate leads and sales with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social media sites… as well as how to use a blogs and articles to generate traffic. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously… the training alone is worth the $49.95 a month. But you’ll also get tools like customizable lead capture pages, pre-built capture pages, and even capture pages you can use on Facebook. You’ll also get pre-written autoresponder email follow-ups. If you grab the Platinum package, you’ll be able to host your own videos, which is very cool.

As a marketing system and training platform, it’s about as complete as you’ll get. But with all of that aside, the reality is as a marketer, you need to have an offer that is generic enough that it will appeal to most people. This is why My Lead System PRO converts so well. What marketer does not want more leads and sign-ups? This is what they’ll get by using My Lead System PRO. The general concept is that you can offer My Lead System PRO on the “front end”, and you can promote your primary MLM business on the “back end”. Chances are you’ll be able to build some kind of relationship with people you refer to My Lead System PRO, so talking to them about your primary business is much easier than trying to pitch your business to total strangers. And even if they don’t join your primary, they’re still on your My Lead System PRO team. (Go here to check it out and test drive it for $9.97)

Personally, I’ve generated more than 20,000 leads using the marketing strategies I’ve learned inside of My Lead System PRO. And because of all those leads, I’ve been able to sponsor hundreds and hundreds of reps and affiliates into my business, and make tons of affiliate sales. (Go here, submit your email and watch the video where I give my personal testimonial about what MLSP has done for me)

I’ve also been able to win various contests where I’ve won iPads and most recently a brand new MacBook Air (both from My Lead System PRO coincidentally). Check out this post on the MLSP website about me winning the contest.

One last thing, regardless of what your primary MLM business is, if getting more leads online and learning how to leverage the Internet and technology sounds good to you, My Lead System PRO is something that would significantly benefit you. Take the test drive and see for yourself.

Second – I’d join Empower Network. (watch this 29-minute video all the way through to see what Empower Network is about and how it works.

Here’s WHY I’d join Empower if I had to start all over again – The #1 thing I would need if I were to start from scratch (or YOU would need if you’re just getting started) is POSITIVE CASH FLOW.

Most people would say things like, “I need sign-ups into my MLM business”

Why would you need that? To make money, right? Well, what would make you more money… 20-30% commissions when you sign up a new person into your MLM business, or 100% commissions straight to your account. 100% all the time, of course!

That’s what Empower Network pays out… 100% commissions on all their products.

As of this writing, Empower Network’s products include:

1. Basic Blogging Platform – which pays out $25 a month in residual commission

2. The Inner Circle Membership – which pays out $100 a month in residual commission

3. The Costa Rica Intensive – which pays out a one-time $500 commission

4. The $15k Formula Webinar Series – which pays out a one-time $1000 commission

5. The Master’s Course – which pays out a one-time $3000 commission

(to see a full explanation of the compensation plan, go here and watch the whole video)

Just like My Lead System PRO, you’ll get a ton of training both through LIVE weekly training calls, and through archived training in your back office. (The training in the Inner Circle area is PURE GOLD, but of course you need to be an Inner Circle member to unlock the IC tab)

And also like My Lead System PRO, offering something like Empower Network will convert significantly higher than pitching a primary MLM business outright. Every marketer would LOVE to get access to training, and a ready-built blog to use… not to mention, the ability to make 100% commissions.

(Go here, submit your email and watch this whole video to watch a presentation, and after that if you still have questions, you can check out these FAQs)

“So you’d join My Lead System PRO and Empower Network if you had to start over? When would you join a primary MLM company?”

Only after 90 days of working My Lead System PRO and Empower Network diligently would I even consider joining an MLM company. By that time, I’d have a solid amount of training and some positive cash flow (or BIG TIME cash flow if went on a marketing blitz). More importantly, I’ll have some leads on my list, and I’d probably have about 20-30 new leads a day joining my list. Because the “magic number” is ’25 leads a day’, the timing would be ideal to plug a business into the “back end” of my sales funnel. Of course, I could always just keep Empower Network as my “back end” offer, and use My Lead System PRO as my “front end” offer… or vice versa. (FYI, if you want to check out the MLM business I have plugged into my funnel, go here and check out the website)

So there you have it… that’s exactly what I’d do if I were new or starting from scratch…

If you’re new, I hope this gives you some direction :)

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

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