Online Marketing – Do NOT Drive Traffic to Your Website Without This!

By:Jaime Soriano August 26, 2013

Network Marketing

warning1Online MLM Training – Do NOT Drive Traffic to Your Website Without This!

So after burning through your warm market list, and trying your hand unsuccessfully at cold market prospecting, you’ve decided to take your network marketing business online…

Smart move…

As long as you don’t make some rookie mistakes that will cost you time, energy and money. In this blog post, I’ll cover two big mistakes that new online marketers typically make while trying to build their home business.

One of the biggest mistakes online network marketers make is driving traffic to a generic replicated website that was provided for them by their company. Replicated websites don’t enable you to stand out from the crowd. Why? Because every rep in your company has one, and they all look the same. Replicated websites also do a poor job of effectively presenting your opportunity to your leads and prospects. On top of that, when you drive traffic straight to your replicated website, there’s really no way of capturing your prospect’s information. And without capturing their information (name, email, phone number, etc), how can you follow up with them, get on the phone with them, and share your business opportunity?

The answer to these two problems is to drive traffic to a lead capture page, also known as a landing page (or at the very least a website with an opt-in form). By driving traffic to a lead capture page, you’re able to obtain the necessary information to follow up with anyone that checks out your website.

—————————————————————— ——————————–

To give you more clarity, here are some example to check out:

Click here to see an example of a lead capture page I use.

Here’s another example you can click on.

And yet another page I use.

You’ll notice that there are opt-in fields on those pages so people can submit their info.

To give you a comparison, here’s an example of one my websites that I never send cold traffic to since it’s not a lead capture page. Notice there’s nowhere a visitor can submit information…

Click here to see an example of a website that can’t capture visitor information.

I only send people to that site after they’re already on my list.

—————————————————————— ——————————–

Now you may be asking yourself, “How?”…

Because in order to view your website, the prospect has to input their information (name, email address, phone number, etc.) into fields that are located somewhere on your lead capture page. Assuming your lead capture page is converting well, prospects will be forwarded to your actual website to view the information once they submit their information, and only after they submit their information.

Once the prospect’s information is submitted, and they are viewing your website, you can automate the follow up process even further by leveraging a follow-up series of emails, also called autoresponder emails, to automatically follow up with them every 3 or 4 days (or whatever frequency you choose).

This automatic email follow up process (autoresponders) will not only free up your time, but will act as a “relationship builder” between you and your subscribers (leads). For advanced marketers, it also gives them the opportunity to cross-sell multiple, different affiliate products and other business opportunities also.

Online marketing can offer a tremendous amount of automation…

But there has to be systems in place to effectively drive prospects to your website, expose the interested prospects and follow up with them, and weed out the uninterested people and tire-kickers.

While there’s NO system out there that’s 100% automated, using high-converting lead capture pages and an autoresponder email series containing good ad copy, you can have a lot of the “heavy lifting” done for you. Finding a good marketing system that can accomplish all of this, while including various affiliate products enabling you to create upfront income to build your business, can shave off years from your success curve.

Hope this helps…

See you on the next post,

Jaime Soriano







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