Lead System Network Update 5/28/14 – Here Comes The Hype! (LOL)


So unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably already know that Lead System Network (LSN) is set to launch on June 1st, which is this Sunday as of this post.

If you simply want to use the tools inside of the system to build whatever business you’re in, then by all means simply upgrade to the $30 Basic Level as soon as we go LIVE.

You’ll have access to all the tools in the Basic Membership including the webinar platform, lead capture pages, a pre-built blog, and a gang of other cool tools. You’re probably going to use these very same tools to build whatever business you’re in, so you might as well get them at this super low price point.


If you want to make some significant affiliate commissions, then upgrade to the Pro Level minimum, the minute they flip the switch and go LIVE.


So you can position yourself at the TOP of the company’s 3X9 Forced Matrix.

Of course, this sounds like a lot of the hypey sales pitches that revolve around a Matrix… like “hurry! get in at the top!” and “get in now so you get spillover”…

Throw up, right! LOL

Well… I’m not gonna lie… at the risk of sounding like one of these cornball marketers who beg you to “get in early and at the top”…

The reality is… if you get in at the TOP of a Forced Matrix then OBVIOUSLY you stand to make more money then someone positioned at the BOTTOM, right?

Duh… it’s just common sense.

But make up your own mind…

I’m not gonna hype this, so if you want to wait or not upgrade at all, that’s fine too! :)

I know what I’m gonna do…

Watch this short video where I explain the Matrix a little more.

Disclaimer: It was real early in the morning, and I was getting ready to get a quick workout in so I’m a bit “scruffy” in the video. LOL. I’m probably going to just give in to my wife finally, and shave. Or not… we’ll see…

Click PLAY To Watch The Video

So there you have it…

If for whatever reason, you’re not a member yet, you can grab a FREE position here!

See ya on the next post.



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