A Third Party Karatbars Review – Should You Join?

karatbarsChances are if you’re reading this Karatbars Review, you’re probably looking for more information on Karatbars before joining and becoming an affiliate. Maybe someone sent you a link to check out the company, or maybe a friend or family member gave you a call and pitched you on the idea of Network Marketing. Whatever the case, look no further because in this Karatbars Review I’ll go into all the essential information you’ll need to make an educated decision about the company. Before going further I do want to disclose that I’m not an active Karatbars affiliate so it doesn’t matter to me one way or another if you join or not. The goal with this review is to provide you the information you need and to tell you what it will truly take to succeed in Network Marketing.

So Who Is Karatbars?

First things first, if you’re looking to do your due diligence on any company you want to take a look at the company itself. Why? Because if the company isn’t solid and stable, it matters not if the company provides the best possible product in the world. Think about it… let’s say you have the sexiest product on the planet but the company goes out of business, you’ll have to start your business all over from scratch.

Karatbars is a global company that sells Gold through a Network Marketing business model. Now before I talk a little bit about Gold, let me address briefly why Network Marketing is a winning business model for companies to leverage to move their product. In a nutshell, the model uses word-of-mouth marketing, and people promoting to people they know, to get the word out about their product. From a company standpoint, they don’t have to spend millions of dollars on out-of-date ineffective marketing methods so they can pass those savings on to their customers. So it’s a win for both company and customer. And then from an affiliate standpoint, they can promote a product they truly believe in to their network, and get paid to do so. Some people are simply looking to generate a part-time income, while others are looking to build a 6-figure business. Both are available and it’s totally up to the affiliate to put in the work to create the outcome they’re looking for.

karatbars reviewWith that said, let’s talk a little bit about the Karatbars product, which is Gold. More specifically, Karatbars sells a 1 gram piece of gold that they trademark and put in a laminated card. The lamination provides UV protection so you could make sure that your Karatbars gold is in (and remains) in mint condition. The company allows you to pick from a variety of cards and they do a good job of giving you a ton of themes to choose from. More recently, they started selling a Karatbars coin, which is essentially 1 gram of gold inside of a silver ring which is then placed inside of an outer ring made of colored brass. It’s actually pretty cool looking which is great especially if you’re giving it to someone as a gift.

There’s a couple of reasons why Karatbars says Gold is the “perfect product” to promote:

  1. Gold offers protection against inflation.
  2. Gold bars can be used as currency all over the world.  
  3. Based on past history, Gold has proven to be stable in the most crisis riddled times in history.
  4. The demand for Gold is higher than the supply so it will always be valuable.

Marketing Gold as their product is what sets apart Karatbars from almost every other company in the Network Marketing industry.  While most companies require you to buy consumable products as an autoship, with Karatbars your required autoship is buying Gold which is an asset you can collect and save. In other words, it’s almost like they’re forcing you to buy Gold monthly which means you’re being forced to add precious metals to your portfolio monthly. It certainly has a very sexy appeal to it when compared with all the lotions, potions and health juice companies that are in the Industry.

How Do You Make Money With Karatbars?

karatbars-reviewIn order to create an income, it’s important that you really understand the compensation plan. While you can start as a free affiliate, it’s highly recommended that you buy a Marketing Package to maximize the entire compensation plan. As a free affiliate, you’ll be able to make income but you won’t be able to earn on the Package Bonus and the Dual Team Bonus, which are really the big income generators in the plan.

There are a few packages to choose from when getting started. The prices given in the official Karatbars presentation are in euros and can fluctuate based on the price of Gold at the time you join. The lowest priced package is the Bronze Package which is priced at 99 euros. The Silver Package is priced at 285 euros, and the Gold Package is priced at 635 euros. The most expensive package is the VIP Package which is priced at 1,620 euros. The main difference between the packages is the amount of Gold you get in the package. With the Silver Package, you get 1 gram. With the Gold Package, you get 2 grams. And with the VIP Package, you get 3 grams.

As I mentioned earlier, when you buy a Marketing Package when you start your business, you’ll be able to make money with the two parts of the compensation plan that I see as the big income generators of the plan: the Package Bonus and the Dual Team Bonus.

The Package Bonus allows you to earn 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% on the packages bought from your personal referrals. The percentage you get is based on the Package you personally bought when you started. For example, if you came in at the Bronze Package you’d earn a 5% Package Bonus. If you came in at the VIP Package you’d earn a 20% Package Bonus.

As far as the Dual Team Bonus goes, it’s the part of the compensation plan that let’s you earn money as you build a big organization. The plan operates as a Binary so you need to build two teams, a left team and right team. As you sponsor new affiliates you’ll be placing them on one of your two teams. Over time as you grow and build your teams the company starts to calculate the units built on both your left and right teams. There are a few different ways units are earned. The important thing to know is whenever there is 50 units on one team (regardless of whether it’s the left or right side) and 25 units on the other side, the company pays you 10, 40, 60 or 80 euros depending on the Package you personally bought. If you came in at the Bronze Package, you’ll earn 10 euros when a Dual Team Bonus gets paid out. If you came in at the VIP Package, you’ll earn 80 euros.

In addition to the 7 ways you can get paid in the compensation plan, there are also incentives that you can get if you build a large organization. The incentives range from leather bags and gold pens, all the way to a luxury car and a luxury villa. If you’re truly serious about building an organization and you want to earn the incentives, I recommend that you take some time to dig into the compensation plan so you can see all the details so you know what you’re getting into before starting.

Is Karatbars A Solid Company To Join?

make-money-online-from-homeThe short answer is YES. Karatbars has been around for since 2011 and is operating in over 120 countries. They have an experienced management team and seem to be prepared for future growth. And if the idea of marketing Gold sounds sexy to you then Karatbars may be the company for you. With that said, having a solid platform, marketing a sexy product and having a lucrative compensation plan will have little to no bearing on your success. Sure it certainly helps to have those 3 things in place but what really matters to your success is your ability to sponsor new affiliates consistently over time. And your ability to that depends on your ability to generate enough leads. If you can’t generate enough leads, you’ll have little to no chance at building a huge team. My recommendation is to learn Attraction Marketing so you can generate leads online. If you can position yourself as the leader to join, and get in front of people already looking for a good Network Marketing opportunity, there’s no telling how big you could build your business.

Need More Karatbars Reps?

I wrote this Karatbars Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Karatbars affiliates will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 20-50 leads a day. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit my MLM Training.

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