The Futuristic Marketing Bonus Bonanza & What YOU Should Be Looking For

By:Jaime Soriano July 26, 2012

Network Marketing

So we’ve made it past the first day of the cart being open for Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson’s new product “Futuristic Marketing”… and by now, you’ve probably been bombarded with emails offering you ‘this bonus’ and ‘that bonus’. Heck, your darn head is probably spinning with what all the offers the online gurus are throwing at you. To be honest, I’ve seen some of the things some of these gurus are offering and my fricken head starts to throb too.

Here’s the deal my friend… I want to give you some straight talk and have a heart-to-heart with you and tell you what I think of the Bonus Bonanza going on right now with Futuristic Marketing…

And then I’m going to blatantly tell you why you should get MY bonus and why MY bonus is totally different than what you’re seeing out there from the gurus… Hey, at least I’m being transparent and honest. After all, I do want you to grab my bonuses. I mean, if you feel like Futuristic Marketing isn’t for you, then fine… don’t buy it. But if you’re gonna buy it anyway, you might as well be smart and angle for the best bonus out there, right?


First things first, let’s chat about what a lot of the gurus are offering… ┬áMORE courses and MORE products. They’re offering you bundles of their last 10 products or their latest course on traffic, sales and conversions.

Now why in the world would you want MORE courses? You’re already gonna have your hands full with the actual Futuristic Marketing program already. Why get bogged down with MORE learning, MORE reading, MORE webinars and a bunch of other time-consuming stuff? It’s just more homework… and for me, I hated homework when I was in school… Why would I want more of it as a fricken “bonus”?

And as far as getting more courses and training on traffic, sales and conversions… Why do you need that as a bonus when that’s what’s gonna be covered AND MORE inside of Jonathan and Mark’s product already.

Personally, I think some of these gurus think that the more “stuff” they can throw at you, the more valuable you’ll think their bonus will be. I don’t agree. A good bonus shouldn’t make you MORE confused and give you MORE work to do. But, that’s just me…

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not knocking anyone because a lot of these marketers are flat out amazing at what they do but sometimes you have to be able to look past the “crap” and see what you’re actually getting.

So, what should you be looking for in a good bonus?

For starters, it should COMPLIMENT the product you’re buying, in this case, Futuristic Marketing.

Second, it should be something that will SIMPLIFY the content and maybe even cut your learning curve significantly.

And lastly, it should give you some real support and guidance so you can get some of your questions answered if you have any.

Well… what a coincidence? MY Coaching Bonuses covers all that and more :)

Here’s what I’m offering ON TOP of the $10,000 worth of Bonuses from MLSP

* Four 30-minute Coaching Calls where I can monitor your success, tweak your marketing, make suggestions and answer all your marketing questions. It goes without saying that I’ll also be able to help you with everything inside of Futuristic Marketing itself and you’ll have a LIVE person to speak to.


Over the last two years online, and past 14 years in the network marketing industry, I’ve spent a fortune on training and products. Obviously, not every product or training course was good, but even the good ones left me having to piece a lot of it together and I had to do a lot of trial-and-error to make it work. And while I don’t regret all that trial-and-error because I learned a ton, it still cost me time, energy and money… three things that YOU probably don’t have to waste.

* You’ll also get access to a PRIVATE webinar where I’ll show and share with you how I PERSONALLY will be using the Futuristic Marketing software and program to triple (and even quadruple) my business and income over the next 12-18 months.

This also will be PRICELESS!

Heck, how much would you pay to literally look over the shoulder of someone who is getting results, generating leads and making money online? Someone who, by the way, will be speaking on stage at “Live The Dream 3”, which is one of the baddest marketing events of the year… A little self promo there but I have to give myself some credibility, right? :)

So between the TWO HOURS of Coaching Calls AND the Private webinar, that’s a ton of interaction you’ll be getting. By the way, the only other people offering some sort of “Coaching Calls” are only doing ONE call for 15-minutes… You’re getting way more with me. In fact, I’m probably going a bit overboard with how much time I’m giving (come to think of it)… But I’ll come to my senses after the cart closes.

So let’s compare MY Coaching Bonuses to the little checklist I laid out above:

Does it COMPLIMENT Futuristic Marketing?

YES since we will be talking about it amongst other things.

Will it simply things for you and cut your learning curve?

YES since you won’t have to do trial-and-error.

Will you get support and guidance?

YES since we’ll be getting on a 30-minute Coaching Call every week for four weeks AND you’ll get access to a LIVE webinar that I’ll be doing for people who buy through my special affiliate link.

So the choice is yours my friend?

MORE courses and MORE homework… or Guidance and support.

I know what I would pick…

So there are only 3 things left to do…

1. WATCH THIS WEBINAR REPLAY of Futuristic Marketing’s creator, and marketing phenom, Jonathan Budd. He’s awesome and you’ll get a ton of value from him, I guarantee it.

2. Check out ALL of the other Bonuses you’ll get ($10,000 worth) ON TOP of my Coaching.

3. And buy Futuristic Marketing from my affiliate link (the ‘Add to Cart’ button is right under the webinar replay)

… Then log into your back office, look through all the cool stuff, and dig into the first one or two modules during the Sales week, which ends on Wednesday, August 1st.

After the cart closes, I’ll connect with you and we’ll schedule our Coaching Calls and we’ll rock and roll.

I’ll see you on the inside and I’m looking forward to helping you figure this whole marketing thing out :)

OH, if you want to watch me explain more about my bonuses, here’s a short 6-minute video I shot the other day. Sorry if it’s not centered. It was on the fly, I was on the run, and I’m in a dang car, LOL

Click PLAY To Watch The Video

Talk soon… Get on my email list and keep an eye out for my next email…


To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

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