Empower Network Affiliate Contest And What’s In It For YOU

By:Jaime Soriano March 12, 2012

Network Marketing

What’s Going On With Me And Empower Network

Over the next 3 weeks, you’re going to see a lot of marketing going on inside of the Empower Network. Why? Because today is the first day of Empower Network’s ‘re-launch’… and it’s also the first day of a serious affiliate contest that runs from today to 3 weeks from now. Heck, yesterday was actually one of the biggest days inside of Empower with $35,000 in sales and commissions paid out in a single day…

On a Sunday…

…The day before we started a contest.

When you wrap your mind around that, it’s pretty mind-boggling.

But enough of that for now…

In the short audio below, I’ll give you a sneak peak into what’s in store for you should you decide to join me on this journey… and how you can snatch up $10K in cash and pickup some really cool affiliate prizes.

(audio will open up on another page so you can stay on this post for the mega-important video below)

Decide To Take Action Here

Below Is The Live Stream Replay Of Last Night’s USTREAM About The Re-Launch And Contest

Click The Expand Option To See The Video In Full Screen Mode

(FYI, the sound cuts out for about 8 minutes in the middle of the replay. Keep watching, of forward it a little bit because you’ll want to see the second half of the replay)

Important Links You Need To Click On

To Listen To The Personal Audio I Just Posted If You Haven’t Done So Yet, Go Here Now

To See What Others Are Doing Inside Of Empower Network, Go Here Now

Make A Decision To Partner With Us And Get Everything Here

Once you’re in, shoot me all your receipts for all of Empower’s products so I can get on the phone with you for a consultation and so I can add you to my very PRIVATE group on Facebook where I’ll be working closely with you. FYI, I’ll still add you to our team group on Facebook if you just join at the Basic Membership… But I’m looking for a handful of SERIOUS and COMMITTED people to truly run with this year that I can lift up and pour time and energy into. I can’t do that with hundreds of people… But I can certainly do that with a handful of serious people.

The Empower Network Affiliate Contest Details

Contest Time Period:

March 12th – March 31st

The contest will run from Monday 12:01am, PST, March 12th, 2012 – 11:59pm PST, March 31st, 2012. Any sales before and after that time frame will not count for the contest.


In order to participate in the competition, you have to activate your E-Wallet.  You can only qualify for points on products that you have an active account with.  In other words, if you do not own the Blogging System, you can’t accrue the points, and so on.

Point System:

Re-subscribing an existing blog member:  1 point

Subscribing a new blog member:  2 points

Setting up a member on the E-Wallet:  3 points

Re-subscribing an existing inner circle member:  4 points

Subscribing a new inner circle member:  5 points

Selling a ’15k Per Month Formula’:  6 points

Selling a ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive’:  8 points

Top 10 Rewards:

First Place:  $10,000 Cash

The Top Five:  Empower Network is going to be doing a ‘leaders only’ mastermind retreat in the summer time, in either June or July.  We are filming this retreat and creating a Video product that will be a ‘high ticket’ addition to the Empower Network product suite.  This product will be sold to thousands of people all over the world, and will create a massive amount of exposure for the marketers who train in it.

The top five (including first place) will win:

a)  Free tickets to the retreat ($3,000 – $5,000 value)

b)  A training role in the product (You’ll be featured as a speaker, and also be in our workbook – along with a reference to your personal website if you have one)

c)  You’ll get to stay in a luxury home with the other event speakers, comped on Empower Network

d)  You’ll get comped $800 for your plane tickets, and get to fly out 2 days in advance, to play in Costa Rica and have a mastermind round table to cast the vision with us of the company.

Sixth Place:  MacBookPRO (brand new) $1,199 Value

Seventh Place:  Mac Mini (brand new) $599 Value

Eighth Place:  Brand new iPad (Whatever the latest version is) $399 Value

Ninth Place:  iPod Touch $199 Value

Tenth Place:  Brand new Apple TV $99 Value

Rewards Everyone Can Win:

Each of the reward levels below accrue tickets to be entered in to a drawing where you can win ‘comped’ trip to our leadership retreat this summer time.  Also, you will only qualify for one reward level (not all of them).  The winner of the drawing will win:

1)  $800 reimbursement for airfare

2)  A comped ticket to the retreat ($5,000 value)

3)  You’ll get to stay in the ‘Speaker House’ and mastermind with the retreat trainers

15 points:  You earn one ticket into a random drawing, to be selected to come out to Costa Rica to a ‘Leader’s Only’ Mastermind Retreat.

25 points:  (2 tickets in the drawing) Plus a brand new iPod Shuffle

50 points:  (3 tickets in the drawing) Plus Complimentary ticket for one person to attend our first public event ($297 Value).  Just to be clear, this is not our ‘Leader’s retreat’ in Costa Rica.

100 points:  (4 tickets in the drawing) Plus Complimentary ticket for two people to attend our first public event ($594 Value).

150 points:  (5 tickets in the drawing)  Plus two complimentary ticket’s to attend our public event ($594 Value).  Plus, an ‘exclusive’ pass to a special ‘leader’s only’ training at the event.  Nobody will be able to buy their way into this training, and you’ll have to sign an exclusive NDA to attend, you can only win it.

So There You Have It…

If you’re at all interested in making money online, and let’s be real here…

… You wouldn’t be reading this if you aren’t.

What you need to do now is…

Click Here, Watch This


Join Now.

To Your Success,

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