How To Attract Prospects Like A Magnet Regardless Of What You’re Selling

By:Jaime Soriano August 12, 2012

Network Marketing

Attract People Like A Magnet

Attract People Like A Magnet

So you’ve decided to start a business and market it online looking for customers. Sounds simple enough since there are typically MILLIONS of people online at any given time, around the world. Surely, you can find a few customer among all those people, right? Well, it’s not that easy. After all, if it was then everyone and their mother would be striking it rich online… So how do you do it? What can you do to attract prospects to you like bees to honey? In this short post, I’ll give you a couple of pointers and share some concepts with you that hopefully will give you some direction.

Now, while I just said that attracting prospects isn’t easy… it can be quite simple. Or at the very least, you should find it simple enough to grasp some basic concepts, and then build a personal strategy around it.

Here’s Basic Concept #1: Almost all “traditional” forms of marketing involve “hunting down” potential customers, which automatically makes your potential customers feel like “prey”. For obvious reasons, this is not going to bode well for you and your business. After all, who wants to feel like “prey”. If nothing else, it will create a “defense mechanism” or at the very least create “resistance” to your marketing message.

Instead, what you should do is try to create a low-resistance environment where people feel drawn, or attracted, to you. So how do you do just that?

For one (and this is the most important thing you can do in marketing), you have to find a way to “get in front” of people ALREADY looking for whatever it is you’re selling. In other words, you have to identify and position yourself in front of your TARGET AUDIENCE. Missing this point will give you nothing but horrible and minimal results…

Think about it: Have you walked into a department store already looking for a specific product, that you already have your heart set on buying? What happens when a sales person asks if you need help? You proceed to tell the sales person what you’re looking for. They show it to you. You buy it and walk out of the store, happy with your purchase and excited to use it. Plain and simple.

But have you ever walked into a department store, and a sales person walks up to you and starts pitching you on something you don’t want or need? What happens in that scenario? Aside from getting annoyed at the obnoxious sales person, you walk out of the store, not buying anything… and probably telling yourself you’re not coming back ever.

This simple example should give you an idea about the importance of getting in front of people ALREADY looking for whatever it is you’re offering, as opposed to trying to “pitch” something to people who aren’t interested.

So how identify and position yourself in front of a TARGET AUDIENCE? There’s a multitude of ways to do it. Personally, in my marketing I’ve used article marketing and blogging. (you can check out the strategies I’ve used in this webinar replay). By posting content that would appeal to the target audience I’m looking to attract, I’ve been able to generate thousands of leads, and sell effortlessly without pusing or convincing people to buy.

In this webinar replay, you’ll see the exact strategies I’m talking about… but in the meantime, here are two rules you can follow that will give you some insight into the “right way” to market, according to Marketing Guru, and Direct Response Expert, Dan Kennedy:

STOP SELLING STUFF – Most marketing messages are about product and price. Make yours about something more interesting to your target audience. And second…

STOP APPEARING AS ANOTHER SALESMAN – Most people don’t trust or like salespeople, so anxiety and resistance rise even if they are actually interested in the product, or service.

You can also follow these three key principles that make for an interesting, and attractive, marketing message:

1. Be Unique – It’s okay to “follow” other marketers, or even be influenced by them, but try to develop your own style. This will do wonders for you because you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

2. Offer quality information instead of pushing a product or service – This is super important because as I mentioned before, nobody likes to be “sold” something and people usually run away from sales people. But giving away good quality information, that your target audience can actually use, will draw prospects and potential customers to you like bees to honey. Seriously, you’ll sell WAY MORE by utilizing this “soft sell” approach, as opposed to trying to go straight for the throat. Now I will say, that I’m a believer in “selling stuff” and I’m not opposed to promoting something directly… but only do it 20-30% of the time, the rest of the time, incorporate your sales message into good information you’re sharing with your audience.

3. Market yourself as an expert – Here’s the deal: if you’ve invested time into a specific field and you’ve actually studied something specific more than the average personal has, then you are an “expert” in that field to 95% of people who are getting your information. So market yourself that way. You don’t have to study something for 20 years to be an expert… so get that out of your mind. As long as you know more than the person reading your content, then you have valuable information to share with that person… and they will listen to you.

So there you have it. Some basic concepts and principles that will help you attract prospects to you like a magnet, regardless of what you’re selling. Apply these tips to your business because they do work.

In my business, I’ve used content marketing (as outlined here) and I’ve used Attraction Marketing systems to generate leads and sell online. And because I leverage 100% commission payouts (like I do in this) and I know how to get in front of the right programs (like I’m currently doing in this new program that’s about to launch), I’ve been able to make a high-level, full-time executive income… from home… right on my computer. You can too, if you’re willing to learn, and more important, if you’re willing to START!

Hope that helps. Feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest if you got some value from it. More people need to know how to “do it right”, instead of pushing their products on innocent people, who aren’t even interested in what their talking about.

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

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