My 8 year old would probably kick your…

By:Jaime Soriano June 15, 2013

Network Marketing

Hey there… Jaime Soriano here again…

IMAG0560Today I’m a little pressed for time. My boys have a sporting event so I’m just about to head out the door. Right after that, we’re gonna break in the pool for the first time this summer, and then we’re gonna catch an early movie before going out for dinner.

I know, I know. It’s a tough life BUT someone’s gotta do it.

Want to know the crazy part? I’d be willing to bet the farm that while I’m out taking care of family business, I’ll have 4 or 5 sign ups into my business… even though I won’t be doing much of the ‘heavy lifting’.

How do I know?

Because that’s pretty much what I’ve been averaging over the past 2 or 3 weeks with my business. And every single week, there’s normally a few checks and a few direct deposits that come in, and I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to.

Doesn’t that just sound cool?

You can do it too.


You’re going to need to make a few paradigm shifts, and you’re going to need to have a backbone. Most people don’t have a backbone. Most people have a wishbone. And that’s why they struggle all the time.

A few days ago, I sent out an email to my subscriber list about my son and what TRUE commitment is like. If you’re not on my list already or if you missed it, you can check it out below. But I’m warning you: You’re NOT going to have any more excuses after you read it. So if buying into your own bull-crap is something you like to do, it might be a little too strong for you.

I gotta run… but I’ll check back with you soon.

Here’s the archived email: My 8 year old would probably kick your…

If you’re not on my list, what the heck are you waiting for? Subscribe now so you can get real updates from me and you can get on live training webinars and conference calls.

Talk soon,

Jaime Soriano




P.S. Wanna know how I make money? Click here to read an email I sent to my subscribers that covers how I (and YOU) can leverage the Internet to create profits and a lifestyle that is job-free and boss-free.

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