6 Success Tips To Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next Level

By:Jaime Soriano October 8, 2012

Network Marketing

So chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re a home based entrepreneur or at the very least, you’re someone who is interested in the potential of what the Network Marketing industry can do for you. If that’s the case, I want to urge you to read this post to completion. Why? Because I’m going to provide you with a few simple, and easily applicable, tips that can very well take your business to the next level.

Before proceeding, I want to let you know (or re-confirm for you) that the Network Marketing industry is the very best industry you can be a part of, if getting or building wealth is important for you. For the past 60 years, millions of people have gotten involved in the industry, and hundreds of thousands of people have found success, in one form or another. Some have experienced products and services that have made a difference in their lives, some have been able to create part-time income that has given their families financial relief, and some have been able to build life-changing incomes that have allowed them to enjoy luxuries only few have. Personally, the reason I think Network Marketing is so awesome is not because every single distributor is guaranteed success, but because the potential and opportunity is available for anyone who is willing to take it. When I first got involved in the industry, I didn’t want a “guarantee”. All I wanted was a “chance” to do something, and I think that’s what most people want (and can use in this economy): a “chance”.

With that said, I’m going to lay out 6 tips you can apply to your business immediately that will make a difference, regardless of what company you’re in or what product or service you’re marketing.

1. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals – This sounds so basic and fundamental but 9 out of 10 distributors don’t have any goals set. And the ones that do, typically have goals that are vague and unclear. A big part of success is having goals that are specific and clear. The more clarity you have with what you’re trying to do, the better. Also, you have to have at least two sets of goals: Short-term goals and long-term goals. Short-term goals will motivate you to take action now since most of your short-term goals will be 30-90 days out. And long-term goals will help you stay on track and not get too down if something goes wrong, since you know you’re working for something down the road. In other words, if someone doesn’t join or if someone quits, it really doesn’t mean much in the overall scheme of things since you have something big you’re working for 3-5 years down the road.

2. Believe You Can – Belief is extremely critical to your overall success. Think about it: If you really didn’t think you can do something, would you put forth the required effort and energy? Probably not. But if you truly believed in your heart that you can accomplish something, chances are you would put forth a tremendous amount of energy and effort to get the job done. Understand that you CAN succeed. Hundreds of thousands of people have before you, which means it’s possible. Of course, it won’t be easy… but it’s possible, and that’s what is important.

3. Work The Plan – Now that you’ve set some short-term and long-term goals, and you believe you can succeed, you have to have a plan. Make no mistake about it, success will not happen by accident. You have to have a plan that’s congruent with your goals, and then you have to have the work ethic to follow through with your plan. My advice from experience is that you have to build your plan around personally sponsoring new distributors every week consistently. If you’re part-time, you should have a plan to sponsor at least 1-3 new distributors a week. And if you’re full-time, you should have a plan to sponsor at least 3-5 new distributors a week. It’s not that hard if you have systems and funnels working for you. This is the marketing system that I personally use that allows me to generate 20-100 leads a day, which in turn helps me sponsor 3-5 new distributors a week minimum into my business.

4. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – The cool thing about Network Marketing is that it’s more or less system driven. In other words, most companies have an existing system that works, and as long as you follow it you’ll see results. The key is to follow it. There will be many times that you’ll be tempted to reinvent the system, or change it. I have one word for you: DON’T. Remember, it’s your job to drive the system, not reinvent it. If you spent $2 million on a Mcdonald’s franchise, would you change the menu, add your own food items, or totally ignore the existing system Mcdonald’s uses. Of course not. Chances are, because you spent so much money just to get your franchise up, you’d be following the Mcdonald’s system to tee. Well, that’s how you should view your network marketing business. As long as people in  your company are seeing success with the existing system, just follow their lead and work the system too.

5. Lead By Example – This one tip can totally take your business into momentum, or completely turn your business around if it’s currently flat. Personally sponsoring new people into your business is the absolute one activity that will boost your income and momentum. In addition to that, you’ll be setting the right example for leaders in your team, and showing them what they should be doing. Showing them what they should be doing by example will be 100 times more effective than telling them what to do, or running training sessions on it. Just do it, and they’ll follow your lead.

6. Have Fun And Enjoy The Process – Building your own business and working for yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding and fun. Just keep in mind, that the work you’re doing now will pay you and your family down the road, and give you freedom that most only dream of. And since you’re going to be building your business in the trenches for the next 3-5 years anyway, you might as well have fun and enjoy the process. Just decide today that you’re going to have fun, and that you’re going to proactively look for the good in every situation. And from a “building” perspective, having fun is way more attractive than being stressed. You’ll attract more people to you when they see you enjoying yourself. I know that in my business, this is absolutely the case. Tens of thousands of people have joined the program I promote because the affiliates and leaders are having a blast. No one has more fun than the leaders in this program. Click here to see the program that paid me $30,000 in my first 30 days.

So there you have it. No matter what company you’re in, these 6 tips can make a major difference to your results and your overall success. Remember, if you’re having fun in a program where people are actually making money in, and you have a system that allows you to generate leads and sign up distributors weekly, there’s no telling how much success you can have, or how prosperous your network marketing business can be.

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See ya on the next post,

Jaime Soriano

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