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By:Jaime Soriano April 30, 2014

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mynt-girl-skating_logoMYNT Review – Is It The Real Deal Or Just More Industry Hype?

So over the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing about a new network marketing company launching called MYNT. In fact, as of this writing the company’s launch was only 11 days ago. Being a veteran of the Industry for 15 years, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of launches so I usually pay very little attention to new start-ups and don’t get caught up in the usual hype. So what’s the difference with MYNT? Is it any different, or is it just another company that you should pay little attention to? I’m going to answer those questions and more in this short but detailed MYNT review. Before I go any further, I want to disclose that I’m not a MYNT distributor and it really doesn’t matter to me if you choose to join the company or not. You’re not going to get a hype-filled MYNT review from me with the intention of trying to sign you up with MYNT. What you will get is a third party unbiased perspective of the company, the products and the business opportunity.

MYNT Review – Who Is MYNT?

Before we talk about the actual business opportunity, I think it’s very important to go into who the company actually is. Obviously, the products and pay plan are important, but even more important is the company’s stability and leadership. So what makes MYNT so special? Yes, it’s a “start-up” and yes, the company just launched. But unlike the typical start-up network marketing company, MYNT is actually powered by Monavie. Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 10 years, Monavie is a huge brand in the Industry, and the company itself has done billions of dollars in revenue. In fact, Monavie was the first (and only) company to break a billion dollars in sales within it’s first two years in business. In addition to that, they were the fastest company to pay out a billion dollars in commissions to it’s distributors. In my opinion, having a parent company like Monavie instantly gives MYNT credibility and makes it a start-up company that is far from typical.

So what’s my personal opinion of Monavie launching MYNT? I think it’s definitely a good move. As good as Monavie is (and it is), the excitement of being a “new” deal and being pre-momentum faded away awhile ago. And while they’ve launched other products over the years, Monavie is known for being a “juice company”. Juice deals were hot a few years ago, but now there are dozens of juice companies out that they all just start to blur together. Now, I’m not saying juice (or, “healthy beverages” to be more politically correct) is a bad product, but different products have their time. Right now, it’s coffee. I’m also not saying that Monavie’s beverage products aren’t high quality, because they are. Just Google “acai” and you’ll see how much documentation there is on the acai berry, which is what Monavie’s products revolve around. All I’m saying is that it just doesn’t have the same buzz it had years ago. Launching MYNT has the potential to breathe new life into the distributors and create the same or bigger buzz than Monavie had when it launched years ago.

Full length of young men and women holding cellphoneAnother reason I think it’s a good move is that it gives them an opportunity to target a different demographic. With Monavie, the target was Baby Boomers. With MYNT, it looks like they’re going after Generation Y, which is smart since members of Generation Y have more energy and are more vibrant. Think about it, if you were going to target a group of people to become distributors, would you go after Baby Boomers, who are older, or Generation Y members, who are hungry and are willing to do different things because they don’t want they life they see their parents living? I know who I would target. It makes perfect business sense.

The reality is Generation Y is where all the excitement is. They are the ones fueling Social Media. They are the ones on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I think Monavie sees that and they want to get in front of that. I think it’s a genius move on their part to launch a brand going after this younger demographic.

mynt-kit-2014MYNT Review – So What Does MYNT Sell Anyway?

MYNT sells various products. The first product is a whey-protein, meal replacement shake called Core Shake. It’s all natural and has no GMOs, which is good to hear if that concerns you. They also sell different powders called Core Boosts that you can add to the Core Shake. The different boosts do different things. For example, there’s a Boost that contains Green Tea which speeds up your metabolism. There’s also a Boost that contains amino acids to aid in workout recovery, and there’s one that contains probiotics which promotes a healthy immune system. In addition to the Core Shake and Core Boosts, MYNT also sells the EMV energy drinks that Monavie sells. Between the shakes and the energy drinks, it certainly seems that the company has done their homework on what products are currently popular in the MLM Industry. With that being said, if you’re dead serious about joining the company, I would definitely recommend that you take some time to review the products on the company website so that you feel good about promoting them.

MYNT Review – How Do You Make Money With MYNT?

As far as the compensation plan goes, MYNT is similar to Monavie in the sense that it is also a Binary. There are several ways you can get paid. You can earn immediate retail commissions by selling products to customers. But in order to build residual income (through the company’s binary commissions called Team Bonuses), you’re going to have to build two teams, a left team and a right team. MYNT will pay you a percentage of the volume from your smaller leg, or pay leg. You can also earn Check Match Bonuses, as well as Leadership Bonuses, which are based on your rank and production. In addition to that, there is about $7 million in Rank Advancement Bonuses you can qualify for as you move through the ranks and hit all the positions in the company. It’s not hard to see that there is a very lucrative opportunity, especially for the right person who has the right skill-sets and knows how to market online and offline.

make money from homeMYNT Review – Should You Join MYNT?

Only you can answer that question. If being first to market is something that excites you and you like the idea of promoting health products, then MYNT might just be the deal for you. The company’s management team is rock solid and having Monavie as a parent company ensures that MYNT will be perfectly positioned for future growth and momentum. But before you join, I would recommend that you do two things. First, take some time to look for a good quality sponsor. Make sure it’s someone that can give you support and can mentor you in the business. There are many proven leaders from Monavie that are rolling with MYNT, like Calvin Becerra and Todd Hartog. Personally, if I were to join I’d probably contact Calvin Becerra… but that’s just me. If you’re new to the Industry and you need a little bit more hand-holding, Becerra may not be for you. You might be better off hooking up with someone who has a smaller name, who has the time for you. Second, I would recommend that you incorporate Attraction Marketing into your business. If you’re going to use Social Media to promote your MYNT business, you might as well get the right online MLM training to do it right. Plus, learning how you can generate MLM leads online will only help you. Can you build a MYNT business without Attraction Marketing? Sure. Some of the biggest leaders inside of Monavie have no clue what Attraction Marketing is and they’ve built teams into the tens of thousands. But if you can take the best of the “traditional” network marketing methods (like home parties and hotel meetings), and combine them with online lead generation, why not do so?

With a solid company, a good sponsor and a proven marketing system, there’s no telling how prosperous your new MYNT business can be.

LeadsMYNT Review – Need More MYNT Reps?

I wrote this MYNT Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most MYNT reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 20-50 leads a day. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit My Online MLM Training website.

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