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By:Jaime Soriano September 8, 2014

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MLM training3 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Network Marketing Business

So you’ve just joined a Network Marketing company, and you’re jumping out of your skin to get your business started. If there’s one piece of advice I can give you (as a new distributor) is that having the right expectations is critical to your success. The sad reality is that 9 out of 10 new distributors will quit in their first 90 days. This is why the Industry as a whole gets a bad wrap. I can’t tell you how many times over the last 15 years I’ve heard a prospect say “I know someone who tried one of these things and he didn’t make any money.” Now, who knows why that person really didn’t make any money, right? It could be a plethora of reasons but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen new distributors quit way too soon. And I believe it’s because they don’t have the right expectations right from the start.

So here are 3 things you need to know even before starting your home business:

#1. You’re Building A Real Business – Right from the get-go, you need to get the thought out of your head that you’re building some small-time, rinky-dink “thing”. Yes, you probably only made a minimal investment to start your business… but make no mistake about, you are building a real business. Just take a look at the size of the Industry and how many hundreds of millions of dollars a year it generates, and you can see that the home business Industry is no joke. Then take a look at some of the top earners Industry-wide, and you’ll see that the 7-figure monthly incomes are dead serious. With that said, I’m certainly not guaranteeing that you will see the same success because I have no clue how what kind of work ethic you have or how disciplined you are. But the potential is there, and if you want to see success, you need to treat your business seriously. That means learning your company’s system and doing the necessary work to move through the ranks. The questions you have to ask yourself are “Why would you play around with something that can potentially pay you double or triple what you make at your job? And you can do it from home so you can be with your family instead of away from them?”

#2. It Takes Time To Build A Business – Imagine this: You walk into a gym and tell the trainer that you want to lose 50 pounds and get in amazing shape in 30 days. What would the trainer tell you? Or imagine this: You walk into a college class and tell the administrator that you want a degree after 30 days? Sounds ridiculous, right? But 9 out of 10 distributors start their Network Marketing business with that very mindset. They’re excited when they join, but if they’re not making $10,000 a month in their first 30 days or so, they think it doesn’t work and they quit. If you simply understand from the start that it will take time to build your business, you’ll be so far ahead of most distributors. To build a solid base for your business, you should be prepared to invest at least 12-36 months of consistent effort.

#3. You’re Real Product Is YOU – At the end of the day, people don’t join a company or product. They join YOU. They join someone they like and trust. So work on personal development. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t learn your company’s products, or talk to people about your products. But trust me, they are looking at YOU more than they are looking at the products. Be the person that they would want to follow, and work on self-improvement every day so you can offer value to the marketplace and to your prospects.

So there you have to. If you can accept those 3 things, you’ll have the right mindset to see success and build a wildly prosperous business.

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