Mialisia Review – Is It Really A Good Opportunity?

By:Jaime Soriano February 19, 2014

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mialisia reviewMialisia Business Opportunity Review – Can You Really Make Money?

So there’s another direct sales company making a buzz called Mialisia. Chances are if you’re reading this Mialisia review, you’re probably thinking about joining and becoming a distributor. Before you pull the trigger and purchase your starter kit, I want to encourage you to take some time to go over this short but detailed review. Now before proceeding, I want to disclose that I’m not a Mialisia distributor myself so you can bet that you’ll be getting a truly unbiased perspective.

If you’re dead serious about joining, the first thing you need to do is do some due diligence on the company itself. Why? Because it would be in your best interest to partner with a stable and credible company. Think about it… if you’re going to invest time and energy into a business, you want to make sure that the company will be around long-term. If you don’t, you might find yourself 5 years from now with all your hard work down the drain if the company falls apart.

mialisia compensation planMialisia officially launched as a direct sales company last year. The Utah-based company sells interchangeable jewelry through a Direct Sales (or Network Marketing) business model. I was started by Sean and Annalise Brown. Currently, the company operates in the United States and is in the process of opening up Canada as well. What makes the jewelry special is the fact that you can interchange different pieces to create whatever you are in the mood to wear. It’s not uncommon for you to take 4 or 5 pieces and create more than a dozen combinations. If you couple this with the jewelry line’s affordability (most piece range from $20-$55), and it’s not hard to see why the jewelry line is taking off.

So How Do You Make Money?

As far as the actual business opportunity is concerned, there are several ways you can earn income with the compensation plan. Like most compensation plans in the Industry, you’ll be able to make more as you move through the higher earned ranks. With that said, you can basically earn income through your personal sales efforts along with earning overrides on the production of your team (should you decide to build one). For top producers, there are rewards like Rank Achievement Bonuses and Dream Car Bonuses (ranging from $300-$500 a month) on the table as well. Overall, the compensation plan is solid and can be very lucrative for the right person.

make money from homeSo if you’re wondering “Can I really make money in Mialisia?”, the answer is YES of course you can. The company has a solid product line and a fair compensation plan. With that said, you need to know that having good products and a good pay plan has little to do with your ultimate success. Your success will heavily depend on your ability to get retail customers and sponsor new distributors into your team consistently. I recommend that you apply Attraction Marketing to your business so you can learn the right tactics to generate leads and build a responsive list of prospects. Of course, you can just work your warm market but at some point you’ll need to expand past the people you know. If you can use proven online marketing systems to generate leads, there’s no telling how big your Mialisia home based business can be.

Need More Mialisia Reps?

I wrote this Mialisia Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Mialisia reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 20-50 leads a day. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit my Online MLM Training Website.

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