Go Global – Don’t Join Until You Read This Ultimate Power Profits Review

By:Jaime Soriano August 7, 2012

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Are you looking for a way to make money and generate passive income online?

Or, maybe you’re a marketing veteran that’s keeping your ear to the ground for the next big opportunity, so you can promote it aggressively and cash in big time…

Whether you’re a newbie looking to turn a small profit, or a marketing vet, you’re going to want to take a serious look at this new program – Global One.

In this detailed review, I’ll break down the Global One opportunity, the very lucrative compensation plan, and why it may be worth it for you to get involved.

Go Global – Ultimate Power Profits Review

Over the last two years or so, penny auction sites like Zeekler.com and Bidify.com have leveled the playing field for new people, or people who never made a dime online, to finally turn a profit and make money online.

In the midst of ever complicating online business opportunities, these penny auction site have truly simplified the money making process. Basically, you sign up and you can actually profit by simply placing ads or giving away “bid tokens” to be redeemed at the company sponsored penny auction site.

The kicker is you can actually profit with this method, WITHOUT selling or recruiting. In fact, active members can earn up to 50% or more each month on their purchases and by letting these commissions “ride” (which allows the commissions to compound), you can actually double, or even triple, your money within 90 days WITHOUT selling, recruiting, or promoting the actual program.

The concept behind Global One is very similar to ZeekRewards and Bidify, and has all the upside potential of both… but you don’t have to post ads or bid daily.

Global One – Pre-Launch

Global One Founder, Scotty Evans, introduced the Ultimate Power Profits pre-launch system last month, July 2012, and within a few weeks, the Ultimate Power Profits website became one of the 4,126 most visited websites in the entire world. (you can check it out for yourself on alexa.com)

Now, you may be asking, “Who is Ultimate Power Profits?”

Ultimate Power Profits is the pre-launch website for Global One. In other words, Global One is the actual company, while Ultimate Power Profits is the website where people were allowed to sign up during the pre-launch phase.

It’s no surprise that thousands of people have already jumped on board. After all, who wouldn’t jump on board to become a “Founding Member” when the company is promising an opportunity to get paid up to 26 times a month… WITHOUT having to sell, recruit or promote the actual program.

That promise, along with the notion of creating long-term, passive profits, is why Go Global and Ultimate Power Profits has exploded onto the scene. In fact, on the Ultimate Power Profits site, it clearly says that 100% of all active members will earn money every 6 days (or less).

Global One – Compensation Plan

The actual compensation plan is comprised of 3 different compensation plans running at the same time. The cool thing is you don’t have to build 3 different teams, or join 3 different platforms. It’s all very seamless and as long as you build one team, you’ll be able to profit from all 3 compensation plans. Of course, you don’t have to promote or build any team if you don’t want to… but if you do the income potential is quite staggering.

Compensation Plan #1 – Spinfinity 

Spinfinity offers all active members the opportunity to make money without promoting the program in any way. Also, there’s no sponsoring requirements involved which means you can participate in the Spinfinity payouts without recruiting a single person, or signing up a single customer. With that said, if you do promote and sponsor other people, you can significantly increase the amount of money you’ll make.

In a nutshell, every member in the system gets placed and positioned in one straight-line “matrix”, based on the date and time they join. (this is why you should get in immediately). The straight-line “matrix” is then split into 3 zones. The top 2 zones are payout-zones, and the bottom zone is a non-pay zone. Every 3 days, the zones rotate, where the bottom group moves to the middle, the middle moves to the top, and the top zone moves to the bottom. An algorithm is used to give dollar values to each position in the “matrix”, and it will assign the highest payout to the top position that is in the top payout-zone, and the lowest payout will go to the last position in the middle zone (which is also a payout zone).

Therefore, you will receive a commission every 3 days, unless you’re in the bottom, non-pay zone. This is how the company promises that every active member will get paid every 6 days, or 6 times a month, with Spinfinity.

So what’s the earning potential?

Well, it can vary depending on where you end up after each 3-day spin. It’s very possible that someone who joins at the lowest level of $10 a month can end up at the top position after a spin, and make $1,000 that day alone…

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can also receive a 20% Matching Bonus on all your referrals up to 5 generations deep. In other words, not only will you make money every 6 days on your own position… but you’ll make a 20% Match on the money your referrals make every 6 days, when they land on a pay-zone.

For example, if you had one of your referrals land on a payzone and they made $100. You’d make a 20% Match, which would be $20. If you had 10 referrals do this, you’d make $20 Match X 10 referrals, which is $200… times that by 6 payouts a month and you have an extra $1,200 a month coming to you just in passive Matching Bonuses. If you start playing with the numbers and you factor in that you get a 20% Match on all your referrals 5 generations deep, the numbers start to get real interesting.

Click Here To Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The Spinfinity Compensation Plan


Compensation Plan #2 – Go Global Profit Pool

50% of all company net profits will be put in the Go Global Profit Pool, and distributed to members every 3 days. Every active member will automatically receive a share of these company profits depending on their participation level. So like the Spinfinity payouts, you don’t need to recruit other people to make money on the Go Global Profit Pool. But of course, if you do sign up other people into the program, you’ll earn a much bigger share of the pool.

Through the Go Global Profit Pool, you can accumulate points by giving away bid tokens that can be redeemed at the company sponsored penny auction site. For every free token that you give away that is actually used, you’ll earn one point. If a customer buys bid tokens from your website and uses them on the penny auction site, you’ll earn 5 points. If you don’t want to give away bid tokens for free, you can also spend 5 tokens on the company’s “marketing machine”, and the company will give away the bid tokens for you.

Every 3 days, you’ll make commissions based on the amount of points you have. And like the Spinfinity portion of the compensation plan, you’ll also earn a 20% Matching Bonus on all your referrals 5 generations deep.

Click Here To Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The Go Global Profits Pool 


Compensation Plan #3 – GoToInfinity 

The GoToInfinity compensation plan is probably the easiest to understand. Basically, it’s a 3X10 Forced Matrix that does not require you to recruit other people to make money on. Because it is a Forced Matrix, it’s very probable that you’ll get spillover from your team. Like the other two compensation plans, commissions are paid every 3 days (or 10 times a month), and you can earn a 20% Matching Bonus on all your referrals 5 generations deep. The big difference here is that you can actually get a 20% Matching Bonus on people on your 4th level, even if they are past 5 generations deep. Do the math, and you’ll realize that you can get paid 81 times a month on this match alone, each and every month without having to recruit a single person personally.

Click Here To Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The GoToInfinity Payouts


It’s important to also note that Star Leaders will receive additional legs in the 3X10 Forced Matrix.

There are 5 levels of Star Leaders:

1 Star Leader = 10 people at the Platinum level

2 Star Leader = 20 people at the Platinum level

3 Star Leader = 30 people at the Platinum level

4 Star Leader = 40 people at the Platinum level

5 Star Leader = 59 people at the Platinum level

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the Platinum level as I will explain in later…

So there are the 3 different compensation plans that work simultaneously inside Global One. Keep in mind, that you will be participating in all of them even though you’re building one team. That keeps everything simple, while positioning you for maximum profits.

Now… there’s one more thing I need to mention. On top of the 3 compensation plans, you’ll also get paid a monthly residual income for each member of your team, ranging from $.20 all the way up to $2.00 depending on the team member’s participation level. While this is monthly payout is “icing on the cake”, it can get real significant over time…

It’s also important to mention that the company has deemed these dates as commission payout dates (you’ll notice that there’s a payout every 3 days) – the 1st, 4th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th and 28th of every month.


The commission payouts will be issued in two ways:

1. 50% as cash commissions paid to your ‘170-county available’ eWallet (like PayPal).

2. 50% as Bid Tokens which can be redeemed at the penny auction site.


The Four Participation Levels In The Program


TIN MEMBERS – $10 Monthly

  • This is the ‘lowest’ level you can participate in, but you’ll still be able to participate in all 3 compensation plans.


COPPER MEMBERS – $25 Monthly

  • You get 25 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You get paid Spinfinity commissions for passive income
  • You earn 25% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You receive 10 profit-sharing points for every bid token used on your site


SILVER MEMBERS – $50 Monthly

  • You get all Copper Benefits
  • You get 60 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 50% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on commissions earned by your personally sponsored, level 1 reps


GOLD MEMBERS – $75 Monthly

  • You get all Silver Benefits
  • You get 120 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 75% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on all of your personally sponsored, level 1 & level 2 reps
  • Note: If you sponsor 5 people and they each sponsor 5 people, you would receive a 25% Matching Bonus on all 25 people’s commissions every 3 days! (5X5 = 25 people)



  • You get all Gold Member benefits
  • You get 180 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 100% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on all of your personally sponsored level 1, level 2 & level 3 reps
  • Note: If you sponsor 5 people, and they each sponsor 5 people who sponsor 5 people, you would receive a 25% Matching Bonus on all 150 people’s commissions every 3 days! (5X5X5 = 150 people)… That’s pretty staggering!
  • For Example: If all you were getting was a $10 Matching Bonus on 150 people, every 3 days, that would generate $15,000 per month in passive income… from this part of the compensation plan alone!
Global One Review – Ultimate Power Profits
There are other rewards on the table if you go out and become a leader in the company.
As a crowned JEWEL Platinum member, you can get paid up to an average of 50,000 times a month.
There are two important steps to becoming a Jeweled Platinum:
1. First, you have to personally sponsor at least 10 active Platinum members. (This will actually qualify you to get paid an additional 25% Matching Bonus on all of your 4th level reps.)
2. Second, you have to help your personally sponsored Platinum members sponsor 10 Platinum members of their own. (This now qualifies you to get paid on the super lucrative LEADERSHIP PROFIT POOL.)
The Leadership Profit Pool
Once you’ve achieved the two qualifications above, you’re now in the running to make even more profits via the Leadership Profit Pool every 3 days – depending on your leadership level.
  • Qualification – all qualified JEWEL PLATINUM MEMBERS
  • BONUS POOL – 20% of leadership bonus pool monies are divided between all RUBY members
  • Example: If the leadership bonus pool has $100,000 in it for the 3-day pay period, each RUBY member will share 20% of the money in the pool, which is $20,000. If there are 20 RUBY members, each would receive $1,000. And assuming that’s the case, and getting paid that every 3 days, that’s an extra $10,000 per month just from this Bonus Pool.
  • Qualification – Ruby level members who have sponsored 10 other Ruby level members
  • BONUS POOL – 20% of leadership bonus pool monies are divided between all EMERALD members
  • Example: As an Emerald member, you’ll receive an equal share of the 20% share of the monies held in this bonus pool. This is in addition to the Ruby Bonus Pool that you’ll also earn on.
  • Qualification – Emerald members who have personally sponsored 20 Ruby members
  • BONUS POOL – 20% of another bonus pool will be divided equally among all DIAMOND members. And this is also in addition to the Ruby and Emerald Bonus Pools that you’ll also earn on. 
So What’s The Bottom Line?
There are hundreds, and even thousands, of affiliates making money by participating in penny auction biz-opps like Bidify and Zeekler. In fact, there are many people making quiet fortunes online by leveraging this type of model. There’s no question that it works, and works well.
This is why I’m promoting Go Global…
And not only it is a proven model and system, Go Global is the newest program online that’s leveraging this model, which means you can get in on the ground floor and use this opportunity to build an online income fast.
The only drawback about a new start-up company is that there is risk that the company will go out of business. There’s no way around it and there’s no way to sugar-coat it. It can very well happen.
But if you’re a savvy business person and marketer, then you already know the value of building MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS so you can secure your income.
By building MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS, you’ll still be able to build profits and make money even if one of the streams dies down the road.


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