A Critical Third Party Review Of Family IQ – Is It A Good Business Opportunity?

By:Jaime Soriano April 4, 2011

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Family IQ

Family IQ

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re thinking about joining Family IQ and you’re trying to get some information on them. Before you join, I want to encourage you to go over this entire review so you know exactly what you’re walking into. In it this review, I’ll cover who Family IQ is, what they market, details about their compensation plan that you should know about and whether or not it is a good business opportunity. I also want to disclose that I am not a Family IQ distributor so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a true third party perspective on the company.

Who Is Family IQ?

First of all, let’s go into some information on the actual company. Family IQ is a company that markets family development products through a network marketing business model. The company was started by Mark Hobbins in 2001 and is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Hobbins has been involved with assisting troubled youths since the early 1990s. Over the years, he has been featured on numerous television shows including A7E Intervention, The Tyra Banks Show and the Dr. Phil Show. In addition to Hobbins, the company has some good quality people on the corporate team and the advisory board. Also, the company has a pretty good track record with over 200,000 courses taken by satisfied customers and over $1.5 million invested into product development.

What Does Family IQ Market?

As far as Family IQ’s product goes, they market various family development products and resources. Some of their products include mp3 audio downloads on parenting and how to nurture family relationships better, Family IQ tests designed to strengthen relationships, Learning Styles Analysis Tests that assist in problem-solving and various online courses. The company also makes available a coach to help with parenting skills. There also various live events that they sell like seminars and workshops that are designed to help you gain more happiness and unity in your family. Overall, the products and courses look good and apparently there is a very big market for them since the company is experiencing nice growth.

The Family IQ Business Opportunity

Now, let’s cover the Family IQ business opportunity. While the company uses a network marketing model, it reminds me more of a top-tier program since the buy in is pretty high (it costs $1,495 to purchase the Family Builder Package and join at the business builder level). Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing since there are significant upfront $1,000 commissions you can earn when you sell this Family Builder Package to people you personally sponsor or retail customers. It’s all based on what kind of business you want to get involved in. With that said, there are three other ways you can get paid, besides the $1,000 Fast Start Bonus I just mentioned. First, you can earn retail profits from all the products you sell to non-members. Second, you can earn a monthly residual on your first nine-levels in your organization. This monthly residual is based on your group’s autoships, preferred customers and retail customers. And lastly, there is a generational fast start bonus you can earn that ranges from $24 to $50 whenever someone in your first nine levels sells a Family Builder Package. Overall, the compensation plan can be quite lucrative for the right person.

Is Family IQ A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, Family IQ is a legitimate company with a good business opportunity. They have good people at the helm, a marketable product and a generous compensation plan. With all that said, having all that in place isn’t enough to succeed. While it’s clear that having a solid company is critical to your business, at the end of the day, your success will rely on your ability to sponsor new people into your business, market products and get customers and build a productive team. One of the key components to accomplishing those things is the ability to market and generate leads. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end. If you can incorporate online attraction marketing and branding with a solid offline system, there’s no telling how successful you can be with Family IQ.

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