3 Lessons Learned From Napoleon Hill (THINK & GROW RICH)

By:Jaime Soriano October 9, 2012


So if you’ve been following my blog over the last two years, you probably already know that I’m a Self-Development Buff. Maybe it’s because the idea of “Leadership” was instilled in me early in my network marketing career. Maybe it’s because I just love the concept of “Self Improvement”. I’m not really sure why I love Self-Development so much, but I do know that without it, you have little to no chance of success in this industry, or any other industry that requires self-motivation and leading other people.

The very first success-oriented book I ever read was Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”. I highly recommend that book to you if you’re serious about success. In this post, I’m going to outline 3 things I took away from Napoleon Hill that I’m sure you’ll find useful also.

#1. Develop Definiteness Of Purpose – In a nutshell, that means that you should have a specific and definite GOAL. You must be clear and specific with what exactly you want, and are willing to work for. Without a “purpose”, or goal, you’ll wander aimlessly, spinning your wheels, without a chance of success. In addition to having a specific goal, you also need to have a written PLAN of how you’ll achieve your goal. Writing your goal and plan down will enable you to look at it every day, which in turn will burn it in your subconscious mind.

Now, I know what your thinking… “That sounds hokey…”

Perhaps. But studies show that people who write down their goals and look at it daily have a 300+% more chance of hitting it than someone who sets a goal and doesn’t think about it again.

#2. Establish A Mastermind Alliance – A Mastermind Alliance is built of two or more people who are actively working together, towards a common goal. According to Hill, “No one has ever attained outstanding success in anything without applying the mastermind principle. No one mind is complete by itself.” This is absolutely critical to success. In fact, I truly believe in having a Mastermind Alliance so much that I won’t actively promote anything that doesn’t allow me to plug into an existing Alliance.

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#3. Learn From Adversity And Defeat – No one in history has ever attained something great without adversity and defeat. But understand that adversity, defeat, problems, or whatever else you want to call it when crap happens in your life and business… they all carry with them the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. We’ve all heard the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining”, which basically means that something good can come out of every problem. And I believe that to be totally true.

But here’s the deal… It’s extremely hard to see the “good” when you’re going through the problem. Why? Because most people (me included because I’m human too) tend to look at the actual problem, and focus on what’s not going right at the time. As a leader, it’s important that you decide right now that from now on, you’ll start looking for the “good” in every “problem”, regardless of how crappy the problem is.

This one thing, will attract more people to you. In fact, you’ll be a darn people-magnet if you develop the ability to always find the “good” in everything. Why? Because people are attracted to positive personalities. On the other hand, people are repelled by negative thinking people. Want to attract more people, and sponsor more distributors, and KEEP more people on your team? Become a super positive person who never gets defeated by TEMPORARY problems.

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Make no mistake about it… There is a wealth of knowledge you can get from reading Napoleon Hill’s books. And the funny thing about it is you can read a book like “Think & Grow Rich” over and over, reading it once or twice a year, and you’ll always get something new from it.

See you on the next post,

Jaime Soriano

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